Was there just an assassination attempt on Putin?
09/08/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Was there just an assassination attempt on Putin?

Vladimir Putin has been in the news a lot recently. Oddly enough, every single time has been in regards to his connection(s) with the United States and the country’s officials — most notably presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Now Putin is in the news for an entirely different reason: being the victim of a potential assassination attempt.

The president of the Russian Federation’s personal chauffeur was killed in a mysterious car accident that many now believe was orchestrated in an attempt to take out Putin. The driver’s car was hit head-on as a Mercedes crossed over from the opposite side of the road. To call this a mysterious occurrence — given Putin’s notoriety and the upcoming presidential election — would be extremely naive.

There are two burning questions we are left with now: who wants to have Vladimir Putin murdered — and why do they want him dead?

Given that he is a controversial, especially polarizing political figure, the list is extremely long. But the person who perhaps leads the list is none other than Hillary Clinton. Considering the infamous “Clinton body count,” in which every person who attempts to cross the Clinton family is found mysteriously dead at one point or another, it’s not out of the question that Vladimir Putin is at the top of the list of potential victims.

Recently, Hillary spoke out against Putin, stating that she believes he is trying to hack the presidential election so that Donald Trump will win. With her being outspoken about this being a serious issue in her eyes, it makes the Clinton family and their army of leftist goons the prime suspects in a potential assassination attempt against Putin.

Picking a battle with Bill and Hillary has proven to be a dangerous game, and not even Russia’s most powerful figure is exempt from it. It cannot be stated enough: we’re living in one of the most fascinating, downright mind-blowing eras in modern history. Just when it seems as though we’ve reached a peak of ridiculousness, the bar is raised several notches higher.

We’re currently watching political leaders from across the globe attempt to assassinate each other in order to secure their positions of power in their respective countries. The uncertainty of this all is enough to drive you absolutely mad, but it’s important to stay grounded, clear-minded and prepared during these situations.

We never truly know what may be coming next. Assassinations like this can shake up the world in a manner that is devastating, so make sure you’re always prepared for anything that may come our way.





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