Globalists readying themselves to rig election, expedite social collapse
09/16/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
Globalists readying themselves to rig election, expedite social collapse

George Soros and his globalist companions want Hillary Clinton to get into the White House. Her election is key in their plans for societal collapse, and the destruction of America as we know it.

All News Pipeline states that “the globalists who’ve been raping American are preparing now for the final ‘steal’ of our country and our liberty.” Their plan is to win the election by any means necessary, including blaming hacking on the Russians as an excuse to federalize your local voting booth. All for your safety and security, of course. reports  Jeh Johnson, Czar of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has suggested that voting and election systems could be classified as “official U.S. critical infrastructure,” just like the power grid. Johnson has already made phone calls to state election officials offering them “DHS services that can inspect voting systems for bugs and other hacker entryways.” Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Secretary of State, doesn’t agree with the DHS’s plans and questions their motives. Kemp stated, “The question remains whether the federal government will subvert the Constitution to achieve the goal of federalizing elections under the guise of security.”

Clearly, since Trump is not a globalist, his defeat is one of their primary goals. Even if Hillary is not fit to hold office, she could be easily replaced after winning; by then the globalist foothold in the White House will have been secured and the dirty work can simply transferred to a new puppet.  Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Clinton’s VP choice, would be next in line if she should falter. Kaine wants background checks for gun sales and loves big data bases like the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). This is the agency that that collects  data on all firearm owners. also reports that Kaine, like Huma and Hillary, has “documented ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist front groups [and that this]  amounts to national suicide.”


The social engineering methodologies employed to create the economic and social collapse of America has only taken three or four generations. In the last hundred years, we’ve been feeble-minded and sick, been put into bondage by federal dependency and debt, lost critical thinking skills, a work ethic, and subjected to an agenda that only serves to create division and unrest. Massive social chaos amidst the death and destruction across the United States of America is part of the globalist agenda.

But they haven’t stolen the election yet. And right now we’re still free to buy seeds, supplies and share truthful information. The good news is that there are a whole lotta folks waking up. And Hillary’s health problems are not getting any better. Maybe during the debates, she’ll experience a brain freeze and melt down with millions watching. Let CNN try to spin that while the whole world discerns the globalist house of cards.


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