Disgusting: Welfare recipients may soon shop online for clothes using your tax dollars
09/22/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Disgusting: Welfare recipients may soon shop online for clothes using your tax dollars

A vast majority of Americans don’t want to accept the inconvenient truth of the situation, but the reality is that welfare programs are one of the biggest issues facing our country today.

From their inception, these programs were designed to keep working class and lower class people enslaved by the government. There’s no conspiracy about it. The federal government as we know it desperately needs as many of us as possible to be completely dependent on them, which allows them to expand their power without us revolting because, in that situation, we are dependent on them.

Welfare programs are especially troublesome in this instance because they essentially trick people into becoming government leeches. They provide unnecessary benefits that allow people to get by without working or contributing to their society. Even worse, they force those who are working and contributing to the betterment of society to pay for those who continue to demand the federal government’s help.

Things are about to get even worse, though, as it has been reported that food stamps may soon be available to use online. Yes, those leeching off of the government may soon be able to use our money to do their online shopping. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more disgusting, the federal government reminds you just how incompetent they truly are.

Christina Beck of Business Insider reports, “Soon, modifications to the federal food stamp program, SNAP, might make the benefits of online shopping available to some who could need it most: the many recipients who live in areas where there are fewer healthy grocery stores, known as ‘food deserts.'”

The major problem here is that, as we all know by this point, welfare programs are taken advantage of to a staggering degree. There’s so much fraud corruption amidst these users that it’s almost surprising when someone isn’t trying to cheat the system.¬†Knowing that you’re paying for someone’s lavish meals — especially when you’re struggling to pay for healthy, mid-grade food like most Americans — is incredibly frustrating.

Even more problematic than that is the fact that anyone who opposes such careless spending of taxpayer dollars will surely be deemed racist, homophobic or otherwise bigoted by the brainwashed mainstream media who turn everything into an issue of morality instead of an issue of logic. The bottom line is that the American people need to learn to provide for themselves instead of taking advantage of broken government programs.

There’s a troubling lack of self-reliance in this country and a large part of that is directly related to the severe lack of accountability held for one’s own wellbeing. It’s time to make a change.




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