Chicagoland: Baby girl delivered after mother dies from gunshot wound

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by

Whenever Chicago finds itself on the national news, there’s a very good chance that it’s for something horrific rather than for something inspirational or cheerful. Thus is once again the case with the following story, though there is thankfully a silver lining to it all in the end.

After 23-year-old Crystal Myers was shot and killed on a front porch in Chicago — alongside her boyfriend, 24-year-old Albert Moore — by an unidentified suspect, all hope seemed lost for Myers’ unborn child. But since the baby was almost to term, it was delivered and now seems to be in good health despite the traumatic event.

Sometimes it seems as though a horrible fate has been sealed for an individual, only for things to completely turn around for the better. This is why it’s important to never give up hope.

As sad as it is to hear that the child will now grow up without either of her parents, it is somewhat uplifting to hear stories of people — whether adults or newborns — escaping death in such a frightening world. And that’s exactly what this world is: frightening. With every passing day, dozens of people in Chicago are murdered in cold blood. The entire city has become a war zone for various forms of gang violence and innocent people like Myers, Moore and their child are caught in the crossfire all the time.

Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s time that we, as human beings, accept that there is a serious problem facing everyone in Chicago. The entire city has been a bloodbath for years now and nothing seems to be changing. If anything, the devastating situation is getting even worse. None of the elected officials appear to have any real answers to these problems, and as long as they continue to pretend that the problem is unsolvable, innocent people like Crystal Myers and her boyfriend will continue to die pointless deaths that could have been prevented had action been taken against the destructive residents of the city.

Something has to change. For the betterment of our society and their city, something has to change…




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