Police state: Congress to expand TSA to buses, trains
10/11/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Police state: Congress to expand TSA to buses, trains

If you’ve traveled by airplane in the years following the terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001, then you’ve inevitably had a terrible experience dealing with the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Much to the chagrin of everyone who utilizes public transportation often – as well as anyone who simply enjoys American freedoms – comes the news that Congress is planning to expand the TSA from only air travel to the likes of buses and trains.

Yes, soon you will be unable to avoid the TSA.

A new bipartisan bill has been introduced that will attempt to expand the TSA’s power immensely, including bringing the organization into new modes of transportation. Sadly, it seems as though senators on both sides of the line, both Republican and Democrat, are in support of the bill. As of today, it appears as though it has a very good chance of passing.

Claire Bernish of The Free Thought Project reports, “Besides the non-fatal bombs detonated and discovered in areas around New York City and New Jersey, the senators cited the DHS Office of Inspector General’s recent report sounding alarm bells over the lack of security in, well, every other system of transport in the United States besides aviation, which the TSA obviously already makes unbearable.”

This is a frustrating advancement on nearly every level. From fondling unsuspecting travelers to the general inconvenience that comes with having them search through private items, the TSA should be downsized significantly instead of expanded significantly. In all honesty, what good have they really done? Have they actually helped matters at all, or are they merely there to spy on law-abiding citizens?

During a time when it seems as though our freedoms as Americans are being taken away one by one, the expansion of the TSA is further proof that libertarians and conservatives have logical reason to be afraid of electing more leftists into office. As is usually the case with those on the far left, they seem to want a never-ending amount of power for the federal government, which ends up putting the safety of the American people at risk.

With the election quickly approaching, one of the most important questions that Americans should be asking themselves is: “Do I want to be free?” If the answer is yes, and it certainly should be, then considering which candidate actually cares about liberty should be of utmost importance. Before long, the TSA might be coming to our own homes. …




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