Upcoming false flag: Why is the U.S. Air Force repainting their jets to look Russian?

Over the past week, news regarding a potential war with Russia has broken, and while this originally appeared to be nothing more than a rumor — it now seems as though there is a legitimate threat if Hillary Clinton is elected this fall. And, sadly, it appears as though that is exactly what is going to happen.

New pictures have surfaced featuring the United States Air Force’s F/A-18 jets being repainted to resemble those of Russia, leading many to believe that the military is conducting operations to prepare for an airborne battle with Russian airmen. After all, history has shown that this is exactly what happened during the Cold War when the U.S. decided to simulate potential air battles with invading troops.

Whitney Webb of Activist Post believes that it could be something much more sinister, writing, “It could be proof of an imminent false flag meant to justify US ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria. Regardless of whether it is standard procedure or indicative of an impending false flag, either threatens to worsen what is already an increasingly desperate geopolitical situation that could easily develop into full-scale, global war.”

Regardless of which outcome is true, it means disaster for the world at large. Any type of war or conflict that reaches this level is never a good thing, especially during such tumultuous times as these. Now more than ever, we need peace on a global scale, but it doesn’t seem as though the powers that be are going to allow that to happen — they stand to profit far too much otherwise. If Hillary Clinton is our next president, then Russia has all but confirmed that they will wage war on the United States, so it makes sense that the military is preparing for such a scenario.

At the same time, there have been so many false flag operations as of late that it’s difficult not to jump to that conclusion as well. Regardless, the American people need to be prepared for any and all of the disastrous moments that come with all of this. Whether it be a foreign war or an invasion onto United States soil, the only possible outcomes to this situation are unpleasant.

If we want to flourish — and restore America to its former glory — then we cannot elect Hillary Clinton this year. We have to vote against the establishment and combat violence all across the globe.





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