This wind-powered device may ease generations worried about future purified water
10/21/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
This wind-powered device may ease generations worried about future purified water

Over the past few decades, environmental concerns have become more and more serious. From radiation problems, issues with pollution and the general destruction of planet Earth, things are not looking good for the world on a global scale. There are just far too many issues to name.

But one of the ones that has been causing the most issues is the severe lack of clean water available throughout the world. While it isn’t a problem for most of us, there are places in the United States — not far from us — where purified drinking water is impossible to find. Recently, the polluted water in Flint, Michigan made many of us realize just how big of an issue this truly is. Though it once appeared to be something that only effected people in far off countries on the other side of the world, it has now hit much closer to home.

Thankfully, though, it’s a problem that appears to be on the downswing. A new, wind-powered device has been created that promises to solve the problem of unclean drinking water, and improve the lives of people all over the world.

Named the Water Seer, the device uses wind power to direct air into a condensation chamber where water vapor then condenses. Amanda Froelich of Natural Blaze writes, “The Water Seer collection device relies on simple condensation to collect drinkable water from the atmosphere and can provide up to 11 gallons of clean aqua each day without one external power source. Best of all, it can potentially run forever and does not create greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.”

If areas all over the world where purified water is hard to find received Water Seer devices, then the problem of water pollution could be eradicated in a very short period of time. Even more seriously than that is the harsh reality that we could very well need these all over the United States in the immediate future.

With the threat of nuclear war on the horizon, knowing for certain that having the water you are consuming is clean is of utmost importance. We all need to be prepared for this inevitable future, which seems more and more likely every day. It’s no longer a matter of conspiracy theory — and we all need to accept the truth of the matter. It’s best to make sure everything that you put in your body is clean and pure.



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