Viral sensation man missing half his head arrested – again

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 by

2016 better hurry up and come to a conclusion soon or none of us are going to make it out alive. Every day we think things have reached the peak of strangeness, something else happens that forces us to question everything. That happened once again recently when a man with half of his head missing was arrested — and not for the first time.

Carlos Rodriguez received the unusual injury during in an automobile accident he had while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Since then, the man nicknamed “Halfy” has continued to travel down a path of destruction. Just last week, the 31-year-old was arrested and charged with arson and attempted murder.

Steve Robson of Mirror reports, “According to police, when emergency services arrived, Rodriguez was in the back yard but two others were in the property. Investigators later determined the blaze was started by a mattress being purposefully set on fire and Rodriguez was arrested. Police have not offered any motive but Rodriguez has been charged and appeared in court on Tuesday.”

This goes to prove a number of things that we already assumed were true. For starters, it is even more apparent that the consumption of dangerous drugs and alcohol have a way of damaging your body in numerous different ways. The abuse of these mind-altering substances inspired Rodriguez to get behind the wheel of a car and impaired his driving to the point where he crashed. The crash itself resulted in the man receiving a traumatic brain injury that has seemingly caused him serious health problems.

Not to excuse the actions of Rodriguez, as every man on the planet is responsible for their own actions, but there’s no denying that the abuse of drugs is a primary factor in the direction his life has taken. He’s not the exception to the rule, either. People who take these kinds of substances are destined to ruin their lives. There’s no way to live a lengthy, fulfilling life while abusing mind-altering substances. It is a serious health concern if you allow them to take over your life.

We have to take care of our bodies if we want to live long lives. Indulging in dangerous activities are almost never worth it in the long run. They have a way of destroying everything around you and leeching onto you like a virus that you cannot destroy. It’s better to never give into them in the first place. Just take a look at Carlos Rodriguez.




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