Clinton DNC bus dumps human waste without giving a ‘shit’ for the environment, now under investigation

Thursday, October 27, 2016 by

Depending on which route you take, Lawrenceville, Georgia sits 32 – 40 miles northeast of Atlanta. It’s recognized as the “second oldest city in Metro Atlanta.” A few weeks prior to the Hillary Clinton campaign bus stopping to take a dump, the big news from the city of 30,000 was the $161,297 spent on body cameras for their police force. But by the time the men in blue showed up, all they could record was massive amounts of toilet paper blowing over Grayson Highway, not far from the storm drain, which was the scene of the environmental crime.

Quick thinking Lawrenceville resident and business owner Mike Robins captured it all on his cell phone however, despite the putrid smell that accompanied the mess, as WCGL – TV, Channel 46 reports.

Mr. Robins was quite offended by the Clinton bus dumping fecal matter into his local city pipes, reported by  “I don’t care if you’re Hillary Clinton. I don’t care if you’re Donald Trump. I don’t care who you are, you don’t throw human waste down a storm drain,” he said.

A HAZMAT team from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division is investigating. There’s no word on whether they have been a recipient of any grants from the Clinton Foundation. The incident occurred just after a Clinton campaign stop right by the Board of Elections office in Gwinnett County “where hundreds of voters were lined up to take part in early voting.” Was the poop dumping in response to Georgia officials refusing bribes to flip the votes?

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), who is no friend of clean water, was quick to cast blame onto someone else and not claim any personal responsibility, as usual. They did make the admission that the release of raw sewage into a local water supply was just an “honest mistake,” whatever that means. Additionally, they confessed that they were “unaware of [poop dumping] violations.” So no one on Hillary Clinton’s campaign bus saw or smelled a thing?

The DNC handed off the blame to the driver of the bus and are planning to take “corrective actions with the charter bus company.” They have also assured Lawrenceville residents that they will be working with Georgia’s Environmental Agency to ensure that whatever happened, it surely won’t happen again. At least until the next time they have to take a dump.




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