Lil’ Wayne schools reporter over #BlackLivesMatter – and it’s actually perfect
11/02/2016 / By newstarget / Comments
Lil’ Wayne schools reporter over #BlackLivesMatter – and it’s actually perfect

Lil’ Wayne becoming part of the culture wars is such a 2016 to happen (see Narrative BUSTED. Rapper Lil’ Wayne: ‘Never Experienced Racism…’ and Lil’ Wayne Doubles Down. Reveals Personal ‘I’ve Never Experienced Racism’ Story). Because of his views on racism, a reporter thought she’d sound smart by asking the rapper about #BlackLivesMatter.

Article by Team Crowder

That just sounds weird, I don’t know, that you put a name on it. It’s not a name, it’s not ‘whatever, whatever,’ it’s somebody got shot by a policeman for a ****** up reason.

I am a young black rich mother******. If that don’t let you know that America understand black mother****** matter these days, I don’t know what it is. (points to camera) That man white; he filmin’ me. I’m a *****. I don’t know what you mean, man, don’t come at me with that dumb ass ****, ma’am. My life matter.

I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me. If you do, you crazy as ****. Not the camera, you. Feeling connected to something that ain’t got nothin’ to do with you? If it ain’t got nothin’ to do with me, I ain’t connected to it.

I ain’t no ****** politician.”

It’s textbook leftism. First they decide everyone who looks the same should have same opinion on a news story. Then they expect that person, who they’ve put into a racial/gender social victim box, to have the same opinion as everyone who else they’ve put neatly into a victim box. Lil’ Wayne is a rich black man, has no problem saying it, and feels no connection whatsoever with this so called grievance victim box known as “Black Lives Matter.”

Probably because he’s decided to be, and has been, successful in his own life. He doesn’t use excuses for his failings, he goes forward being awesome.

Just because Black Lives Matter and its shenanigans run rampant on the news or on the internet, doesn’t mean you need to have a strong opinion on it. Or agree with their idiotic tenets. Kudos to Lil’ Wayne for making the reporter look stupid for even asking him about the movement. I personally enjoyed the heck out of it.

Kudos also to Lil’ Wayne for not giving two craps about being honest with his thoughts. We need more of the raw, unfiltered responses.

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