Sex drug documentary turned into investigation on Big Pharma’s motives and ‘tricky’ ad tactics
11/02/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Sex drug documentary turned into investigation on Big Pharma’s motives and ‘tricky’ ad tactics

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the pharmaceutical companies of the world are up to no good. Who would expect a bunch of pill peddlers to have the wellbeing of the world in mind anyway? But while we should already be under the impression that Big Pharma is corrupt, new information has been unveiled that drives yet another nail into their reputation’s coffin.

Liz Canner’s documentary Orgasm, Inc. — which was completed in 1991 but not released until 2009 — began production as one film, but quickly looked to expose the corruption of a major pharmaceutical company that was created a drug that was being billed as the Viagra for females.

According to Sarah Wang, of The Brown Daily Herald, the film “follows the race to create a Food and Drug Administration-approved female Viagra in the 2000s. Canner had originally been hired by Vivus, a drug company, to edit erotic movies for a drug trial testing Alista, a cream intended to treat a disease coined as ‘female sexual dysfunction’ … But what started out as some footage on Vivus soon turned into a full-fledged documentary questioning the motives of the entire pharmaceutical industry.”

It speaks a lot to the immense corruption of Big Pharma that an entire documentary was produced in order to expose the truth about those that are taking advantage of the American people’s health. That’s perhaps what is most upsetting about all of this: the pharmaceutical industry takes advantage of innocent people for financial gain. They don’t care about us. They only care about their profits. So if you care about your health in any way, then you should avoids the drugs pushed by Big Pharma at all costs. There are healthy, safe and natural alternatives to everything they will try to sell to you, so why take the risk in the first place?

Every needs to go out and see Orgasm, Inc. and learn the dark truth behind the Big Pharma empire. As they say, the only way to defeat the enemy is to know the enemy — and what better way to learn about your enemy than through an investigative documentary? Things are changing in America and the hold that Big Pharma has on the people is one of them. History will look back on these companies in a negative light, so everyone involved with them needs to leave them high and dry now — before this gets any worse.



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