The Democratic Party should be disbanded and its national leaders indicted for racketeering and corruption
11/02/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
The Democratic Party should be disbanded and its national leaders indicted for racketeering and corruption

Washington, D.C. is broken and tens of millions of Americans know it. They also know that our political system no longer functions as it was intended by our founding fathers. They realize without question that the proverbial deck has been so heavily stacked against them, even voting no longer really matters.

And they know that one political party – the Democratic Party – is wholly responsible for nearly all of the corruption that defines the nation’s capital.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, which has been doing the job of the corrupt Left-wing establishment media that has become little more than a propaganda wing of the party, Americans are learning just what a criminal operation the Democratic Party has transformed into.

It’s operatives have been colluding behind the scenes with Democratic politicians to give them advantages over their Republican counterparts. Their presidents tell bald-faced lies to the public while hiding known instances of criminal wrongdoing by party colleagues.

Former Democratic presidents – especially those who are attempting to get their spouse elected to the highest office in the land – will do unorthodox things to taint the waters of justice. And always, there is the lying, cheating and scheming of Democratic Party hacks.

In short, the Democratic Party, like the former Nazi Germany’s Brown Shirts, is little more than an illegitimate criminal enterprise that operates as though power, and not the health, sanctity and security of our country and its people, is paramount.

There can be no other way to explain how Democrats get away with:


— Running guns into Mexico using straw buyers in blatant violation of gun control laws and steering them into the hands of drug cartels;

— Lying to the American people in order to pass a massive government takeover of the nation’s health care system;

— Paying a ransom to a nation on the State Department’s list of terrorism-sponsoring countries and calling it part of a ‘nuclear deal’;

— Using the IRS and other federal agencies as political weapons against political opponents;

— Intentionally starting violence at opposition party campaign events without fear of prosecution and with the full knowledge of the presidential candidate they were supporting;

— Killing a U.S. diplomat in a foreign land and denying that it was terrorism.

And the list goes on.

The criminality surrounding Obamacare and the IRS was bad enough, let alone allowing thousands of guns to “walk” into Mexico – guns that were later used to kill U.S. federal agents. But the latest batch of WikiLeaks emails proves again that Democrats use the power of government to stay in power and to punish political opponents (or kill them, if need be, perhaps).

And the only thing you can do to a criminal enterprise in a country that supposedly values law and order is a) bust it up, b) put its leaders on trial.

America is waiting.


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