Has the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle been solved?
11/08/2016 / By Randall Wilkens / Comments
Has the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle been solved?

It’s a place that has captured the imaginations of millions for generations. Off the coast of Florida lies one of the most mysterious areas on the entire planet. The Bermuda Triangle has been the subject of numerous documentaries and investigations. Dating back as far as Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the new world, reports have been coming in about odd inconsistencies in the area, including his own compass malfunctioning and seeing peculiar lights.

Beginning in the early 1900s, the focus on the Bermuda Triangle began to get more concentrated as more incidents began to take place. One such incident involved a Navy cargo ship called the USS Cyclops. Somewhere between Barbados and Chesapeake Bay, the 542 foot ship sank, taking 306 passengers along with it. No distress call was ever sent and no wreckage was ever found. Years later two of the Cyclops sister ships also disappeared along virtually the same route. A few years after that, one of the most famous cases of the Bermuda Triangle took place when five US Navy torpedo bombers disappeared along with one of the rescue planes sent out to investigate. No wreckage was found for any of the lost planes. Other incidents have occurred since, including the loss of a nuclear powered submarine with 99 people on board.

A new theory has popped up in the past week that may shed some light on the disappearances, without referencing the paranormal or aliens. Scientists have recently put forth a hypothesis concerning the type of cloud formations seen over the Bermuda Triangle. They claim that due to the shape of the clouds, tremendous forces can actually appear in a sudden and violent manner.

Looking at satellite imagery from directly over the notorious body of water, meteorologists noticed numerous odd hexagonal shaped clouds that were roughly 20 to 50 miles wide. On meteorologist, Dr. Randy Cerveny, explained that these types of clouds were form by what is called a microburst, which is essentially a blast of air. Due to the nature of these cloud formations, these blasts of air can reach speeds of up to 170 mph. Wind gusts that powerful are likened to hurricane force and are fully capable of causing planes to crash as well as generating waves that could sink ships.

While some are already quick to try to discredit the current theory, it is the most scientific explanation presented thus far concerning the vast amount of disappearances associated with the area. Some people are more readily willing to believe it was UFOs or The Flying Dutchman. At least for now, this most recent round of speculation has some valid credibility.




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