14 myths about diabetes and natural ways shown to be more effective than drugs
11/11/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
14 myths about diabetes and natural ways shown to be more effective than drugs

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), over 29 million American adults are living with diabetes. Another 25% have it but don’t know it. More than 86 million more are at risk. Type 2 diabetes comprises 90 – 95% of all cases.  Optimally, glucose moves correctly through”a complicated set of interactions” getting glucose into the muscle cells, reports Beforeitsnews.com. But in Type 2 diabetes, the glucose spikes higher, because insulin, which regulates blood sugar, is unable to adjust it. Many myths surround  Type 2 diabetes – from the cause, to forbidden foods and treatment options.  Here’s a quick look at 14.

1. Type 2 isn’t serious.

Insulin may not be needed, but the underlying process called “insulin resistance” may link to heart disease, gout, high blood pressure and cancer.

2. Type 2 is an easy diagnosis.

Many go undiagnosed because they don’t have symptoms like excessive thirst, increased urination and fatigue.

3. Herbal Supplements will fix everything.

Don’t be fooled by any quick fixes. Seek specific guidance from your health care practitioner.

4. Sweets cause Type 2

It’s not the sugar that can cause diabetes. It is the obesity, which may be caused by overeating sugar laden processed foods.

5. Exercise won’t help.

On the contrary, exercise may work better than drugs because it burns glucose and makes cells more insulin sensitive.

6. Don’t eat sugar, ever!

An occasional non-GMO sugar dessert is alright. Watch the carbs, keep your portion small.


7. Only obese people get Type 2.

Obesity creates a higher risk, but family history and population genetics mean that people of a healthy weight are also susceptible.

 8. You must give yourself shots.

Insulin shots are rare with Type 2. Many manage their disease with exercise, clean food, stress reduction and oral medication.

9. Your feelings indicate blood sugar levels.

Don’t trust how you feel, because “your brain can adjust.”  Know for sure by taking your blood levels.

10. If you don’t manage Type 2, you’ll eventually have insulin shots.

Only 25% of Type 2 patients will eventually need insulin.

11. Weight gain from insulin is a given.

Some people may gain weight, but that could mean they haven’t adjusted their diet. Seek medical advice about a lowered insulin dosage.

12. Type 2 diabetes is forever.

Quite the contrary. Diabetes may be reversed and the risk reduced significantly with lifestyle changes.

13. All Type 2 is the same.

Diabetes is as individual as the person. Keep a diary of foods and blood sugar reactions two hours after meals.

14. Blindness or loss of limbs will result.

If uncontrolled, diabetes can contribute to heart disease, blindness, obesity and loss of a limb. But early detection, good food choices, exercise and controlling blood sugar can help prevent more serious complications.






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