Left-wing mayors, governors promising to remain ‘sanctuary cities’ are aiding and abetting lawlessness
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Left-wing mayors, governors promising to remain ‘sanctuary cities’ are aiding and abetting lawlessness

(Freedom.news) President-elect Donald J. Trump’s signature issue (thus far) has been to clean up the immigration mess left to him by his predecessor, President Obama. To do that, he has promised to oppose the preservation of so-called “sanctuary cities” – that is, the hundreds of cities around the country whose Left-wing political leaders have established as law enforcement-free havens for people in our country illegally (criminals and otherwise).

In a blatant display of lawlessness, however, many of these liberal extremists have vowed to oppose any Trump administration effort to require these cities to comply with federal reporting requirements when it comes to identifying illegal aliens for deportation.

“To be clear about what Chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed Monday in response to Trump’s pledge to remove 2-3 mostly criminal illegal aliens shortly after taking office.

Other mayors and governors, including those in California and New York State, have made similar promises to continue ignoring constitutionally-passed immigration laws. Mind you, these are some of the same Leftists who cheered the Obama administration when it sued states like Arizona for passing their own immigration enforcement laws (even those that mirrored federal statutes). They, like the administration, argued that states don’t get to make immigration law – because that’s a federal responsibility.

If that was correct then (and it was), it is correct now. It doesn’t matter if the man ascending to the White House is someone you don’t agree with politically. As president, Trump – like Obama – has wide latitude and broad powers when it comes to enforcing immigration law. Wagging your finger, throwing a tantrum and tossing about false charges of “racism” and “bigotry” will make no difference on U.S. immigration law.


So, opposing the administration is lawless and should be dealt with as such. Trump has many legal weapons at his disposal, such as withholding federal funds for sanctuary cities, unleashing the reformed Justice Department on these cities, and going to court. In addition, Trump, as president, has the authority to send federal immigration agents anywhere he choses.

Trump will have to deal with Left-wing bullies and whiners for the duration of his presidency. He ought to take care early on to learn not to coddle them or ingratiate them, because they are demonstrating that they’ll never afford him the same courtesy.

Enforcing laws is a president’s responsibility. That includes immigration laws.


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