Pharmaceutical painkiller deaths drop 25% in states with medical marijuana according to study
11/16/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Pharmaceutical painkiller deaths drop 25% in states with medical marijuana according to study

It’s no surprise that the pharmaceutical industry is doing everything in their power in order to ensure that marijuana — both recreational and medical — remains outlawed so that the American people cannot easily gain access to it. After all, it has been shown time and time again that the drugs they continue to peddle are not exactly healthy. In fact, many of them are completely unhealthy and have horrific effects on those who use them.

States that have legalized medical marijuana have had a 25% drop in deaths related to painkillers sold by Big Pharma. The popularity of new CBD products have also had a devastating effect on the pharmaceutical industry, as most people would much rather try a natural alternative than a chemical product. Many people have also been drawn to hemp in recent years.

An article published in The Denver Post states, “The tanking numbers for painkiller prescriptions in medical marijuana states are likely to cause some concern among pharmaceutical companies. These companies have long been at the forefront of opposition to marijuana reform, funding research by anti-pot academics and funneling dollars to groups that oppose pot legalization.”

This level of corruption has been connected to Big Pharma for decades now, so it shouldn’t be a shock that they are continuing that trend in regards to medical marijuana. They see a roadblock in between them and the profits they will be able to make off of the American people, so they’re desperately trying to hide the truth. They want everyone to believe that cannabis is a deadly plant without any health benefits because they know that if they keep all of us in the dark, we will continue to buy their chemicals in order to help fix our health woes.

Of course, they are too far gone in that respect and people are getting wiser and wiser to their games. It’s only a matter of time before people all across the country are exposed to the truth and we receive nationwide marijuana legalization. Even though the powers that be continue to fight this progress, history has shown that the American people are far too tenacious to allow injustice to occur for too long. It may be an uphill battle, but it’s not one that will end without victory.

The pharmaceutical companies are not friends of the people. They are trying to enslave us all under the control of the chemicals. It’s time to expose the truth here.



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