The end of the Democratic Party? Leaders call for change, threaten a third-party split otherwise
11/16/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
The end of the Democratic Party? Leaders call for change, threaten a third-party split otherwise

Leading up to the 2016 presidential election, the Democratic Party and the leftists of the United States never seemed to even consider the idea that Donald Trump may be victorious. They were so convinced that Hillary Clinton had the election in the bag that they constantly made fun of Trump’s campaign, disregarding it as a joke because they never considered the possibility that the disenfranchised¬†people¬†in Middle America weren’t buying what Hillary Clinton was selling.

After it became a reality that Hillary Clinton had fallen to Donald Trump, the leftists of the world rushed to their safe spaces and began hiding from the truth. Shortly thereafter, they responded by blaming everyone on the planet for the defeat — everyone except Hillary Clinton, of course. Third-party voters, third-party candidates and everyone in between were blamed for president-elect Trump.

Even the Democratic Party itself was analyzed by the leftists and, for once, they may actually be onto something.

Katherine Rodriguez of Breitbart reports, “The Democratic Party is in an all-out civil war between the more progressive wing of the party and the more corporate wing of the party. Some in the party are blaming progressives who supported Bernie Sanders for refusing to rally behind Hillary Clinton …¬†Others say that the corporate wing of the party has to be purged to appeal to more working-class voters.”

It isn’t even up for debate at this point: The Democratic Party desperately needs to reinvent itself as something that isn’t built on arrogance and self-importance. That is what has lost them the respect — and the votes — of the people. Unfortunately for them, it may be that there is no way to actually reivent themselves. People within the party who disagree with Hillary Clinton’s campaign may want to leave the Democratic Party altogether. They weren’t prepared for the reality of the election and it has made many of their supporters look silly.

Like so many people who jumped ship to the Republican Party in order to support Donald J. Trump — and subsequently win him the election — perhaps those who are feeling fed up with the liberals need to open their eyes to the truth. A large number of the conservatives and libertarians of the world were once liberals whose eyes were opened to the corruption and deception going on and then woke up. There’s no reason why more can’t follow after this election.

Only time will tell what actually happens, but if the Democratic Party does die, then it only has itself to blame.



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