A Communist Pope, Clueless Liberals and a Truth Long Forgotten
11/21/2016 / By David Risselada / Comments
A Communist Pope, Clueless Liberals and a Truth Long Forgotten

Pope Francis has raised a lot of eyebrows when it comes to positions he has taken on many social issues. He has embraced Islam, homosexuality, refugee resettlement, wealth redistribution and the topic of global warming; all of which by the way, happen to be issues the far left argues in favor of. His latest public statement is sure to raise more as it is virtually impossible to argue that the man represents the catholic religion and not outright communism. Writing for trevourlouden.com, Renee Nal cites an interview between an Italian journalist and Pope Francis where he reportedly said that it is the communists who think more like Christians. He is, of course, referring to the false idea that communists stand for total equality and that they have the monopoly on compassion for the poor and underprivileged.  The far left has done a magnificent job indoctrinating American students into the idea that conservatism equates to selfishness and hate, and that Republicans deliberately keep poor people down in order to exploit their labor. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

There is a vast difference between the way the left and right view mankind and the reasons for his existence.

Traditionally speaking, the religious view of man holds that men have an independent free will that operates outside the realm of human instinct. In other words, religion argues that man is very much in control of his thoughts, actions and emotions. Communists on the other hand, despise religion. Karl Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto that religion was the opiate of the masses and one of the goals of communism was to “destroy God in the minds of men.” They view man through the so-called “scientific view” of man which argues that men have no independent will of their own and are not in control of their own behavior. It isn’t  that they believe man has no will of his own, but that they must destroy it in order to get him to accept communism, this will be discussed in greater detail later. Their beliefs stem from an evolutionary theory which suggests that man is no more special than an ape or any other wild animal. Consider what behaviorist B.F. Skinner had to say about the pre-scientific view of man and the “scientific view” in his book Beyond Freedom and Dignity.


“In what we may call the pre-scientific view (and the word is not necessarily pejorative) a person’s behavior is at least to some extent his own achievement. He is free to deliberate, decide, and act, possibly in original ways, and he is to be given credit for his successes and blamed for his failures. In the scientific view (and the word is not necessarily honorific) a person’s behavior is determined by a genetic endowment traceable to the evolutionary history of the species and by the environmental circumstances to which as an individual he has been exposed. Neither view can be proved, but it is in the nature of scientific inquiry that the evidence should shift in favor of the second. As we learn more about the effects of the environment, we have less reason to attribute any part of human behavior to an autonomous controlling agent. And the second view shows a marked advantage when we begin to do something about behavior. Autonomous man is not easily changed: in fact, to the extent that he is autonomous, he is by definition not changeable at all.” (Skinner, Beyond Freedom and Dignity)

What he is essentially saying is that for scientific purposes, it is no longer accepted that man has any control over his behaviors. Instead, when it comes to scientific inquiry into the behavior of man all studies are now conducted through the understanding that man’s behavior is traceable to our so-called “evolutionary genetics,” which means we are viewed by science as animalistic in nature and not spiritual because according to evolution, we evolved from monkeys. This is a direct contradiction to the idea that we are created in the image of God. So, in this sense communists think nothing like Christians.

Communists seek to completely eradicate Christianity because it is a belief in something higher than the state that stands in the way of them obtaining complete control over man’s behavior and remaking society in their image. Communists understand human behavior very well; most psychologists, behaviorists and psychiatrists are indoctrinated into the tenants of communism whether they realize it or not. A great deal of effort has been made in learning how to manipulate behavior to their end in order to reshape society, and one of the things that must be accomplished is the destruction of free will and individualism. Religion argues that man was given free will by God so that he could choose between good and evil. Communists seek to destroy man’s ability to choose because if given the opportunity to fully understand the truth of communism, men would flat out reject it. Our education system has done a terrific job of presenting communism as a kinder more compassionate system while systematically discrediting our culture. In an effort to weaken our nation they have taught students that the pursuit of wealth and individual interests is selfish, they hide the truth of communism behind words like communitarianism, fairness and equality. The end result is the destruction of individualism, free will and the ability to think for one’s self. Consider the following quote from the “Manual on Psychopolitics” which is described as a textbook used to train communist agents in the art of deception.

“The tenants of rugged individualism, personal determination, self-will, imagination, and personal creativeness are alike in the masses antipathetic to the Good of the Greater State. These willful and unaligned forces are no more than illnesses which bring about disaffection, disunity, and at length the collapse of the group to which the individual is attached.” (Beria, pp. 9)

What he is essentially saying is that a culture which embraces true human diversity and freedom is a danger to itself and that human behavior should be controlled so that everyone’s personal goals are aligned with state goals. They view individualism as a sickness that is misaligned with the needs of the state. This is dangerous and completely antithetical to true Christianity. The Pope is arguing that communists think more like Christians because they are more compassionate towards the poor when in reality, Communists will eventually eradicate everyone that they think is not like them using an argument such as this to justify their actions. The behavior of the anti-Trump protestors is a good example. They believe that Trump is a racist bigot who has no sentiments towards the poor. They have been brought up to believe that they have a superior morality because they care about the poor and underprivileged, so in their minds it is justifiable to threaten Trump and his supporters because they are afraid he represents a new era of inequality. Another good example can be found in the Black of Communism where an order given by the Soviet Political Police makes it clear that one of the goals of Communism is the elimination of the so-called bourgeoisie as a social class in the name of equality. This is one of the great oxymoron’s of Communism; their hatred and desires to be rid of those they despise is justified because they allegedly represent oppression and inequality but somehow, committing genocide against them is somehow fairness.

“We are exterminating the bourgeoisie as a class. In your investigations don’t look for documents and pieces of evidence about what the defendant has done, whether in deed or in speaking or acting against Soviet authority. The first question you should ask him is what class he comes from, what are his roots, his education, his training and his occupation.”

All throughout the twentieth century communist regimes systemically eliminated those that were viewed as privileged or upper class. Communists viewed themselves as fighting for equality when in reality they were the oppressors they thought they were fighting against. Today’s liberal has once again been brainwashed into this backwards ideology and is out in full force calling for the deaths of those that voted differently than they did, and, they have the nerve to call us fascists in the process. They are nothing more than the proverbial useful idiot in a game where the real communists guiding the agenda remain hidden in the shadows. Pope Francis is working synonymously with the left to further undermine religion and destroy Christianity. Why else would he compare something like communism to the Christian religion?

From a testimony given to the house of Un-American Activities by Manning R. Johnson, member of the Communist Party U.S.A. and author of the book Color, Communism and Common Sense.

“Once the tactic of infiltration of religious organizations was set by the Kremlin … the Communists discovered that the destruction of religion could proceed much faster through infiltration of the (Catholic) Church by Communists operating within the Church itself. The Communist leadership in the United States realized that the infiltration tactic in this country would have to adapt itself to American conditions (Europe also had its cells) and the religious make-up peculiar to this country. In the earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the seminaries. The practical conclusion drawn by the Red leaders was that these institutions would make it possible for a small Communist minority to influence the ideology of future clergymen in the paths conducive to Communist purposes This policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful beyond even our Communist expectations.”

The church was infiltrated by communist agents long ago with the explicit purpose of discrediting religion and slowly replacing it communist tenants.

From the list of 45 communist goals

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.” [Note: This has been largely accomplished through the communist infiltration of the National Council of Churches, Conservative and Reform Judaism, and the Catholic seminaries.]

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state”


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