All the so-called “fake” news sites predicted the REAL election results better than anyone else… while CNN rigged the polls
11/22/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
All the so-called “fake” news sites predicted the REAL election results better than anyone else… while CNN rigged the polls

There is a push now from tech and social media giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter to purge so-called “fake news” sites from their feeds. As reported by the untrustworthy and biased establishment media, executives at big social media companies say they are targeting such sites allegedly because they had outsized influence on the presidential election.

The truth is, these companies are run by Left-wing extremists who are just unhappy about the defeat of their preferred presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, by President-elect Donald J. Trump. They refuse to admit that a) she was a highly flawed candidate; b) she did not appeal to enough Americans to win a victory outright, and c) they missed the biggest political story since Ronald Reagan’s 1980 defeat of incumbent President Jimmy Carter, another election featuring an outsider candidate no one thought could win.

So they’re going to take their anger out on legitimate news organizations that were presenting accurate information to their readers about Trump, his positions and his goals as president – without the insane bias that even some in the establishment press are now admitting was so pervasive it likely helped skew the election towards Trump.

As reported by The Daily Sheeple, what these media companies are actually engaging in is outright censorship – and no small amount of hypocrisy. CNN and other establishment media can get away with intentionally skewing polling results to favor a particular candidate, but so-called “alt-right” sites like ours and others that present unfiltered information are punished (and notice how the Leftist media always has a label for its conservative competition?) and our reporting buried.


“This is no longer about having a different opinion or being labeled a conspiracy theorist,” the Daily Sheeple noted. “This is about 100% online censorship of viewpoints, ideas, and information that governments (and the megacorporations they are in bed with) do not want you to see online.”

That’s undoubtedly true. These mega-corporations – Newscorp, GE, Viacom, Disney, Time-Warner, and CBS – own the vast majority of legacy and establishment media. So it’s very easy for them to control what is and is not “covered” in terms of politics and the issues of the day.

Couple that with tech-media giants’ control of the news pipeline (Facebook and Google), and you can understand how it is that so many millions of Americans are denied information that is key to making informed decisions about candidates and the issues.

But what should lovers of freedom and true believers in the First Amendment expect when these masters of the media universe so blatantly choose a side?

There is some good news, however: These media titans may control most of the media landscape, but they are losing control over readers.

In other words, the alternative media is winning. That’s a good thing, because it means that more and more Americans are actually getting real news and information they can use to become better-informed citizens, which is what our founding fathers expected of the media when they wrote in protections for, and freedom of, the press into the Constitution’s very first amendment. They knew how important it was to maintain the integrity of the nation’s political system and its institutions through a fully informed electorate.

But over the course of the past century, the anti-constitutional Left has managed to seep into many American institutions – politics, the bureaucracy, academia…and the media. The idea has always been to control the flow of information regarding the founding, constitutional principles and the issues of the day to fit a predetermined left-wing ideology.

That’s not promoting “freedom” and “liberty,” that’s tyranny. Tyranny of the mind.

The election of Trump, however, proves that the Left, for all its resources and pervasiveness in our institutions, is losing the battle for America’s soul. That is due in large part to the fact that more people are seeing the establishment media for what it is – a corrupt, biased institution that serves no one’s best interests but their own.


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