The Democratic Party makes the greatest case for secession – and traditional America should let them go
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The Democratic Party makes the greatest case for secession – and traditional America should let them go

( The modern Democratic Party is about as hard-left and ‘un-American’ as it gets. Now that the party has lost the White House, Congress and most statehouses and state legislatures, the whining bitches who run the party and their quisling supporters want to take their ball and go home.

America, we should let them.

In a piece that is symbolic of the very division the Left is crying about, the Washington Post is symbolic of a sore-loser mentality that has permeated the Left, which, oddly enough, is the side that is complaining that “their America” doesn’t exist anymore, now that the country elected an admittedly brusque and unconventional candidate in Donald J. Trump. But what her sycophantic supporters fail to acknowledge is that Hillary Clinton is the most controversial, criminally investigated and demonstrably corrupt individual to ever run for the White House – and her supporters didn’t have a single problem at all with that. 

But Trump. Oh no…he’s just intolerable. Or what was it that Clinton called him and his supporters? Oh, that’s right. Deplorables.

So the Left gets to be as hateful and divisive as it wants, but should anyone question that hatefulness and divisiveness or, as Trump regularly does, call them out on it and push back, suddenly all of the hate and venom is being created by conservatives who inhabit a country that the whiny, bitchy, sore-losers on the Left don’t want to be a part of anymore.

If this isn’t the most childish BS you’ve ever heard of, then you probably either don’t get out much or agree with these losers.


Either way, it is the Left that is making reconciliation impossible – even though conservatives and Republicans were expected (and told) to shut up, suck it up and get in line behind Barack Obama, the most divisive president ever, after he won both of his elections.

We were still ‘one country’ then. But suddenly, the Left loses and we’re two countries now!

Per the Post report, this is the kind of ignorant garbage that we’re talking about:

From her home in the Bay Area, Shannon Coulter, 45, has been updating an online Google doc of companies with ties to Trump that she and many other women have decided to boycott. The list includes several big retailers, such as Nordstrom and Macy’s, that carry Trump’s ties, daughter Ivanka’s shoes and other Trump-brand products.

Before this election cycle, Coulter, an independent public relations consultant and registered Democrat, said she tried to understand Republicans and other conservatives: “I thought we had enough in common.”

Not now.

“We just elected a guy who questioned the nationality of our current president, who talks about how much he likes to grab women by their genitals, who is bringing a white nationalist into the White House,” Coulter said. “That’s just not something I can work with.”

Several things. First off, the Left has no problem trying to ruin someone financially if they lose elections. Hate.

For another, how badly do you have to hate to even go to this kind of trouble? Vindictive.

Also, how do you get to say that you cannot and don’t have to “work with” a president and a country and its people? Divisive.

Finally, Trump – like most every other person on the planet – has said some crude, inappropriate things (we’re betting that also includes you. Ms. Coulter). But only the Left gets to adopt made-up narratives like, ‘Trump was the only one who questioned Obama’s nationality’ (an issue that began with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign of 2008), and, ‘Trump’s bringing white nationalists into his government!’ (that stupidity is assigned to Stephen K. Bannon, former executive editor of Breitbart News, who doesn’t have a racist bone in his body and who has been made out to be ‘evil’ by the Left-wing media).

But that’s how the idiot Left operates. They name-call (hate), label (stereotype), and pout when things don’t go their way.

Now they’re claiming they no longer have to be, or want to be, part of the same country they just loved when Barack Obama was running things.

To be clear once more, traditional America – which is the clearly the majority of the country – should let these perennial crybabies go. Let them form their own enclave somewhere, and be taxed, regulated, burdened, and protested to death.

The rest of us, behind President Trump, have a more important task at hand: Making our country great again.

And we can’t do that with millions of whiny, bitchy losers trying to undermine us at every step.

So we say, good-bye and good riddance to the idiot Left, a political ideology that was never part of America’s founding, but which is far more at home with Hitler’s socialism and Stalin’s communism. You don’t deserve to live in what will once more be the greatest country ever.


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