Hilarious: self-proclaimed ‘communist comrades’ arrested after attacking Trump supporters in Texas

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 by

Communism is one of the most ridiculous ideas that mankind has ever created. Any logical person could take one look at the belief system and realize just how absurd it actually is, yet more and more people continue to convince themselves that it makes sense. It only makes sense, considering this generation actually believed in the lies of Bernie Sanders and his “democratic socialism” scam that any reasonable economist could debunk in a matter of seconds.

The communism trend has even managed to make its way to Austin, Texas of all places, where an organization entitled Red Guards Austin has been spreading commie propaganda and causing problems for the sane folks in the area. Recently, six members were arrested for attacking Donald Trump supporters in the middle of a protest.

John Binder of Breitbart Texas reports, “Austin law enforcement officials arrested 34-year-old Jarred Roark after he allegedly assaulted a Trump supporter and was subsequently charged with a felony aggravated assault, evading arrest, and resisting arrest. Another five protesters with the organization were arrested, including 19-year-old Jade Tabitha Shackelford who was charged with felony assault.”

It should come as no surprise that people dumb enough to believe in communism are also mentally deranged enough to physically attack innocent people simply for having different opinions. This is the kind of mindset that has caused the Regressive Left to fall so far behind the rest of the country. They believe that they are the only people who could ever possibly have a point of view worth listening to, so they wage physical war on all of those who oppose them.

There are truly evil people walking amongst us every day and we should be prepared to handle that by any means necessary. People who willingly align themselves with a political organization as corrupt as the Communist Party cannot be trusted to behave civilly and we should address that fact honestly.

There are groups like the Red Guards all over the country that are willing to go to great lengths in order to push their agenda onto others. The American people should feel free to protest without fear that members of an extremist organization are going to attack them for expressing their opinions in a non-violent way. That starts by revealing the truth about those who infringe on that freedom.







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