Don’t let the conniving mainstream media convince you that Trump isn’t the man you voted for – he IS
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Don’t let the conniving mainstream media convince you that Trump isn’t the man you voted for – he IS

( Last week after President-elect Donald J. Trump met with the Left-wing editors and reporters of The New York Times, that paper and the rest of the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party began “reporting” that the 45th president-in-waiting was backtracking on a lot of his campaign promises.

The pledge to build a border wall (and have Mexico pay for it). To continue investigating Hillary Clinton for her [alleged] high crimes. That climate change is a hoax and policy should not be made on that false premise. That those in the country wouldn’t be deported.

The reporting hit home among a lot of Trump supporters who were angered by what they read. But the only problem with all of the reporting is that it was completely bogus.

Trump never said what he was reported to have said in the context it was reported. In fact, as this full reporting on the exchange involving climate change proves, Trump never made a commitment of any kind to the global warming hoaxers – about the Paris climate deal, Obama’s push against coal, or anything else.

What’s happening here is that the establishment media is attempting to do the same thing to Trump voters it was doing before the election: Painting a false picture of his intentions in order to strip away his support. The why should be obvious – because the propaganda division for the Democratic Party hates the fact that he won and will do everything in its (diminishing) power to undermine him throughout his term(s) in office.

Trump is not going to tell the editors and reporters of The New York Times his “battle” plan(s). He’s not going to lay out his agenda to the very paper that has trashed him often and repeatedly throughout the campaign in a vain attempt to destroy his reputation and chances at being president. He’s not going to provide them with any advanced warning of his agenda.


Trump, you see, is smarter than the average establishment media type. He knows exactly who they are over at The New York Times and he knows that no matter what he says he will or won’t do, there is no pleasing them because he’s got an “R” behind his name. Remember, the Times doesn’t care about parity or comity; it seeks total crushing victory against the Republican Party in general and conservatives in particular.

So don’t despair – yet. Trump hasn’t even taken office. And consider:

— He said he’s not interested in hurting the Clintons. Fine; but that doesn’t mean he’ll interfere with an Attorney General Jeff Sessions who has been ordered by his president boss to reestablish the rule of law in what has become a politically compromised Justice Department (and for the record, James Comey, FBI director, should be the first to be fired for his conduct in the Clinton email scandal).

— He told the Times editors and reporters he’ll “take a look” at the Paris Climate Change agreement rather than tear it up on day one, as he stated in the campaign. He also argued that “a lot of smart people disagree” with the Times climate fanatics like Thomas Freidman, among other things, giving no indication whatsoever that he is backing away from ripping the agreement up if that’s what will be necessary.

— Some are complaining that on immigration, the one thing Trump did not bring up with the Times was building the border wall. That was his first campaign promise and one he kept pledging throughout the campaign (and that Mexico would pay for it). And there is this: In 2006 Congress passed legislation requiring a border fence that was designed to stop vehicles and people (which altered the next year to give the DHS secretary discretion on what type of fencing should be installed where). The Democrats, when they won both chambers of Congress and then the presidency, defunded this law, so little of what Congress voted for in 2006 was built. What will a Trump DHS secretary decide to do? We think you know the answer.

The New York Times – before this election and after it – is not interested in “fair” reporting. It is ideologically committed to promoting Left-wing Democratic causes and Trump knows this. Don’t give up on him just yet; that’s exactly what the Times wants you to do.


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