Jeff Bridges isn’t just rooting for Trump, he’s fascinated by America’s potential cabinet

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 by

Based on historical evidence, whenever celebrities — specifically those from the Hollywood entertainment system — speak out in regards to anything political, something stupid is bound to come out of their mouths. After years of being indoctrinated into one of the most absurdly leftist communities in the world, let alone the United States, these poor movie stars seem completely barren when it comes to the ability to generate a logical thought when it comes to issues facing the government.

But for every thirty or so Lena Dunhams and Amy Schumers of the world, there is one free-thinking person like Jeff Bridges who isn’t afraid to stand up for his beliefs, regardless of the fact that anyone who dares to criticize liberalism is shooting themselves in the foot career-wise in Hollywood. Recently, Bridges came out and said that he is completely rooting for President-elect Donald Trump to succeed, a rarity for people in his position.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bridges stated, “I’m rooting for the guy, Mr. Trump … One of the things that’s most appealing about him is his unpredictability. A less kind word might be his ‘hypocrisy,’ but unpredictability and hypocrisy are things that each of us human beings share. It’s something we all struggle with and work with.”

Bridges went on to say that he is fascinated by the potential cabinet that Trump is going to choose but admits that right now, it is all speculation. He’s absolutely right about that. In this very moment, none of us know how a Trump presidency is actually going to look. Anyone claiming that it will be an immaculate success or a total failure is unfounded in their claims, but it doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict that Trump is going to be a better leader than Hillary Clinton would have been.

Old school guys like Jeff Bridges can see that and are thankfully willing to tell the rest of the country that everything is going to be okay. Hopefully the crybaby leftists of the world will listen to the star of The Big Lebowski in a way that they haven’t listened to the rest of the folks telling them that rioting is no way to protest the results of the election.

Given the fact that things have gotten so unpredictable when it comes to American politics, who’s to say that one day we won’t see Jeff Bridges as a member of Trump’s cabinet? Stranger things have happened, like Trump’s presidency in general.




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