TREASON: Left-wing media attempting a “soft coup” in America by hyperventilating over self-contrived Russian conspiracy fabrication
12/10/2016 / By Mike Adams / Comments
TREASON: Left-wing media attempting a “soft coup” in America by hyperventilating over self-contrived Russian conspiracy fabrication

It is now clear that the coordinated media propaganda campaign to falsify delusional accusations about Russia influencing the U.S. election has a specific political purpose: To pressure electoral voters to dump Donald Trump before Dec. 19th, the day electoral votes are cast.

Across the entire left-wing media — which now teeters on the verge of clinical mental illness — you are witnessing a coordinated, timed, strategic assault on America, democracy and freedom itself. The Washington Post has been leading this charge by fabricating conspiratorial accusations out of thin air, failing to name even a single source to back up their deranged assertions.

Now, the left-wing media is passing out tin foil hats to everyone in sight and telling them to start hyperventilating about the “Russians defeated Hillary” narrative until a “consensus” is reached among them all. When a sufficient number of delusional leftists achieve a uniform hallucination that blames Hillary Clinton’s defeat on someone other than Hillary Clinton, the shared hallucination is then deemed a “fact.” (Read my previous article on how leftists turn mass hallucinations into “verified facts” through applied journo-hysteria.)

So far, the fabricated lie that claims the Russians defeated Hillary Clinton in the election has been repeated by Paul Krugman, Nate Silver, Keith Olbermann, democratic congressman David Cicilline, Michael Moore and a seemingly endless list of obedient Clinton-worshipping propagandists working to try to overthrow democracy in America.


Zero Hedge has published a nice summary at this link.

If the electoral votes are stolen on Dec. 19th, it could unleash Civil War across America

What these delusional, mentally ill left-wingers don’t seem to realize is that, when it comes to election outcomes and electoral voters, they are playing with fire.

Trump supporters will not stand by idly and allow their nation to be stolen from them by a bunch of delusional crybaby journo-terrorists who still can’t understand that Hillary Clinton lost primarily because she is a horribly corrupt and deeply unlikable person. No, they have to blame something else: James Comey, the Russians, the Loch Ness Monster or maybe even gray aliens from planet Zorg.

In their minds, Clinton could not have legitimately lost because they worship Clinton as a cult figure. To left-wing media acolytes, the Clinton campaign was synonymous with the Clinton Cult. Inside the cult, obedience to Hillary Clinton is a religious test, not a rational conclusion based on evidence or facts. Thus, in their twisted minds, she cannot be defeated by any legitimate means. Somebody must have faked something, they’ve concluded (without a shred of supporting evidence, of course).

This is precisely why the defeat of Clinton does not compute in their echo-chamber skulls. Now, they’re lashing out with every conspiratorial, tin foil hat-inspired theory they can drum up, hoping something will sway a sufficient number of electoral voters to ditch Trump and throw the election toward chaos.

Ten radical ways the lawless left is still planning to put Hillary Clinton into the White House

I predicted all this, by the way, in a Nov. 27th article entitled SHE’S BAAAACK! Ten radical ways the lawless left is planning to put Hillary Clinton back into the White House on January 20.

In that article, I outlined the top 10 ways the delusional democrats could plot to deny Donald Trump the White House. When I first published this list, many people thought such scenarios sounded bonkers. But now, after watching the Washington Post literally fabricate entire articles claiming Russia stole the election, none of this seems far-fetched anymore, does it? For your convenience, I’ve listed all ten of them here:

Scenario #1) Steal the Electoral votes

Scenario #2) Plunge America into chaos and declare Martial Law

Scenario #3) Crash the markets back to the Dark Ages and destroy continuity of government

Scenario #4) Launch an EMP nuclear assault on America and blame the Russians

Scenario #5) Provoke nuclear war with Russia

Scenario #6) Assassinate Trump, then threaten Pence until he complies

Scenario #7) Open the floodgates for illegals and overrun the country with militant foreigners

Scenario #8) Activate a massive false flag event in a large U.S. city, possibly targeting Trump Tower

Scenario #9) A popular uprising to “occupy” Washington D.C. on January 20, 2017

Scenario #10) “Poison Pill” America the week before Inauguration


The radical left-wing media is playing a dangerous game… and it just might blow up in their faces

What you are witnessing being rolled out now by the radical left-wing media is a desperate — and dangerous — gamble. If they achieve success and somehow manage to flip enough votes to name Hillary Clinton America’s new President, they unleash an almost immediate Civil War and likely military coup against the hopelessly corrupt Obama regime and its lapdog lying media (which exists now as nothing but pure state-run propaganda).

Make no mistake that armed American citizens, police officers and military personnel nationwide will have no hesitation in rising up against the attempted coup and defending their Republic by making sure Donald Trump is sworn into office. There is no circumstance under which the people who voted for Trump just lie down and allow their country to be stolen from them by delusional leftists who quite obviously need to be locked up in a psychiatric ward.

If the left-wing media “soft coup” attempt fails, by the way, their credibility implodes with their electoral defeat, and the entire left-wing media goes down in history as a laughably pathetic, failed propaganda apparatus that tried to steal an election but failed.

Many observers, including Michael Savage and myself, have called for criminal investigations into the “un-American activities” of left-wing propagandists who pose as journalists. If anyone is actually working with the Russians right now, it’s the commie-loving left-wing journo-terrorists who practically fell over themselves to applaud Fidel Castro, a murderous destroyer of life and liberty.

I see a likely outcome in all this where the left-wing media — much like the democratic party itself — collapses under the weight of its own unbearable lies and lunatic conspiracy theories. I wouldn’t even be surprised if some of the more extreme anti-American journo-terrorists end up indicted and imprisoned for actively plotting to undermine the legitimate U.S. government.


Prepare for a possible “Second Amendment activation”

During an interview a few weeks back, a Washington Post reporter asked me, “Should we increase our security around here? Are we going to be safe?” My updated answer is, “You’re really not wise to keep playing with fire by fabricating false stories intended to overthrow the electoral process of our Republic.” You’re quite likely, in fact, to set off a bloody civil war that you cannot control.

These are dangerous times, my friends, and the unhinged political left has decided to go for broke to overthrow the democratic process that has driven the peaceful transition of power from President to President for the last 240 years. At this moment in history, the political left has essentially asserted that they demand a one-party state forever run by liberals, and they no longer accept the results of fair and free elections unless those results favor their candidates.

I repeat that last phrase, because you need to understand the gravity of what the lunatic left is now asserting. They are insisting that they no longer accept the results of elections unless elections go their way. This is another way the lunatic left essentially declares they are abandoning democratic processes altogether and demanding a totalitarian, one-party police state like you might see in North Korea, Cuba or Communist China.

Be careful what you ask for, all you liberals. You do not want to find out what happens when you tell the entire conservative base of America that they can no longer change their representatives in government by using the ballot box. What you are doing — all of you on the delusional left — is practically begging to unleash an armed civil war that you will most assuredly lose. (Badly.) By denying the legitimacy of elections, you are summoning the demons of war to our nation. You have no idea the seriousness of your assertion that democratic election outcomes will no longer be tolerated by the left unless they result in the preordained election outcomes desired by the left. Notably, if you do not believe in the outcomes of democratic elections that don’t go your way, you don’t believe in democracy at all.

Stay tuned for the next nine days… let’s see where the insanity of the George Soros-directed left-wing haters takes us. If they push this all the way to the point of a treasonous coup against America’s legitimate President-elect, you will likely hear many people announce a Second Amendment activation to save the Republic. (And yes, the entire U.S. military, law enforcement and armed citizenry will be working in unison to defend the Republic.)

The Second Amendment, as any historian will explain, was put into the Bill of Rights specifically to allow the citizenry a last-ditch means of self-defense against a tyrannical, corrupt government that refuses to abide by the will of the electorate. That’s the whole point of it! It’s not about hunting, and it’s not even about individual self-defense. It’s about defending the Republic against precisely the kind of coup now being attempted by mentally ill leftists posing as journalists.

That foundational intention behind the Second Amendment is now just nine days away from being invoked yet again to save this nation from tyranny.

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