Washington Post goes “full treason” – fabricates entire story falsely claiming Trump won because of Russian hacks
12/10/2016 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Washington Post goes “full treason” – fabricates entire story falsely claiming Trump won because of Russian hacks

The Washington Post has finally committed its most desperate act of credibility suicide, publishing a blatantly false, fabricated story that now claims Russia directly interfered with the election to deliver a victory to Donald Trump. Click here to read the WashPost fabrication in full.

The WashPost story does not name a single source for the accusation, and the obviously fabricated story serves primarily to provide cover for a previous story the Washington Post also faked (and then got caught faking).

“Journalism” at the WashPost, in other words, has devolved to the point where new fake stories are published to try to bolster the fabrications of old fake stories. All of them feed into the paranoid delusions of the hysterial left which has now entered the realm of clinically diagnosable mental illness when it comes to excuses for why Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. (Next, we’ll hear tin foil hat theories that aliens or Bigfoot stole the election, no doubt…)

The delusional liberal media is now widely circulating the WashPost story as “fact,” citing the Washington Post as their source even though the Post cited no named person whatsoever. This is how the “circle of delusion” works in the “bubble” liberal media: One media source fabricates a piece of fake news, then they all repeat it, citing each other as “credible sources” until the entire population of gullible democrats believes the false narrative.


WashPost story completely bogus… and they know it

Donald Trump blasted the story. “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” said the Trump transition team.


“The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It’s now time to move on and ‘Make America Great Again.'”

RNC spokesman Sean Spicer also lashed out at the false WashPost “fake news” report. Via DailyCaller.com:

“The intelligence is wrong,” Spicer told Smerconish. “It didn’t happen. We offered the New York Times conclusive proof that it didn’t happen. They ignored it. They refused to look at it because it didn’t fit the narrative.”


The Washington Post is now actively engaged in treason against the United States of America

On January 21, 2017, one of the most important acts President Trump can initiate is the arrest and indictment of seditious Washington Post operatives who are actively working against the interests and national security of the United States of America.

The wholesale fabrication of false news stories by the Post, with the intended impact of denying Donald Trump the White House, is an act of sedition against this nation. It means the Washington Post, far from functioning as part of the “free press” to keep government honest, has decided to use its remaining influence to overthrow the government through the use of strategic, falsified articles that are timed to sway Electoral voters to throw their votes away from Donald Trump.

In fabricating these blatantly false and malicious news stories, the Washington Post is not engaged in journalism or an “expression of free speech.” This degree of news fakery and malicious interference with the election is, ironically, exactly what the Post ridiculously accuses Russia of doing. Publishing this brand of falsified information that carries such game-changing ramifications for the outcome of a democratic election is the geopolitical equipment of yelling “fire” in a crowded room.

This is precisely the kind of deeply malicious, misleading and knowingly false propaganda that the Trump administration must halt. The First Amendment does not protect malicious, anti-American “speech” that is intended to overthrow the legitimately and democratically elected President of the United States. It’s time to call for the arrest and prosecution of Washington Post propaganda operatives who are literally staging a “soft coup” via coordinated media fabrications.

The Washington Post has demonstrated it is a clear and present national security threat to the United States of America. They’ve gone beyond their usual news fakery and have now decided to actively work against the interests of democracy.

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