Left-wing election denialists now building forceful narrative to attempt to deny Trump the White House before Jan. 20
Left-wing election denialists now building forceful narrative to attempt to deny Trump the White House before Jan. 20

It really does seem like the system is going to play up this “Russian interference” line over the next week heading up to when the electoral college casts its vote… one member of which has publicly come out to say he will not be voting for Trump and there are others who are following his lead.

Already we’ve seen the House quickly but oh-so-quietly pass a bill on Russian propaganda. Next the CIA released what many including the FBI claim is a “fuzzy” report that Russia meddled in our election.

(Article by Melissa Dykes, republished from TheDailySheeple.com)

Of all the people to bang this drum, Hillary and her camp have been banging it the loudest. Hillary, if you will recall, was blaming Russia for the Wikileaks emails during the third debate, claiming something like 17 intelligence agencies had proof Russia was behind it — an assertion Wikileaks responded that she simply made up.

wikileaks hillary russia hack

She made that claim during the last debate in front of a record American audience of millions… And it wasn’t true (never mind the fact that’s she’s still trying to deflect attention away from what’s IN the Wikileaks emails, which is enough damning stuff for most people to conclude she should not be president).

Now, The New York Times is reporting today that Hillary’s camp is not just asking but demanding all “intel” on Russia’s election meddling be declassified and made public.

John D. Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, broke the silence on her behalf, demanding the declassification of all information about Russia’s meddling as well as an explanation from the Obama administration of what it knew and when it knew it.

“We now know that the C.I.A. has determined Russia’s interference in our elections was for the purpose of electing Donald Trump,” Mr. Podesta wrote in a statement. “This should distress every American. Never before in the history of our republic have we seen such an effort to undermine the bedrock of our democracy.”

“This is not a partisan issue, and we are glad to see bipartisan support in the Congress for an investigation into Russia’s role,” he continued. “We believe that the administration owes it to the American people to explain what it knows regarding the extent and manner of Russia’s interference and this be done as soon as possible. To that end, we also support the request from members of the Senate Intelligence Committee to declassify information around Russia’s roles in the election and to make this data available to the public.”

This is assuming there even is any real intel on that to begin with… unless the Obama Administration is going to go with the narrative that alternative media sites actually reporting on the Wikileaks’ Podesta emails (unlike the mainstream establishment media who largely ignored them) are “Russian Propaganda,” a claim that WAPO made and then had to retract after a shady, anonymous website accused the majority of the alternative media including this website of being Russian propagandists a few weeks ago.Josh Earnest came back with:

Thrown on the defensive, Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said on Monday that the White House did not announce a major probe of Russia’s interference before the election partly because many voters would have seen such an announcement as political meddling.

Gee… you think? So they didn’t announce it but they were doing it anyway?

The 2016 American presidential election could go down as being the most “politically meddled with” election in the history of the nation.

All of this appears to be a last ditch effort to invalidate Trump’s win, as Michael Snyder recently reported:

“…this issue could be used to try to sway some Electoral College votes on December 19th.  We already know that one of Trump’s electoral voters has publicly pledged not to vote for him, and he claims that he has other Republican electoral voters that plan on joining him.

But even if Trump successfully gets through the Electoral College vote, he still has one more hurdle to get over.

On January 6th, a joint session of Congress will meet to count the electoral votes.  Most of the time this is a formality, but this time around that may not be the case.

If at least one member of the House and at least one member of the Senate submits an objection in writing, electoral votes can potentially be invalidated.

The narrative is certainly being built up for an election upset… Guess the only question left is, how badly does the system want a civil war?

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