Electoral voter death threats backfire: Hillary Clinton loses four, Donald Trump wins in an electoral landslide
12/20/2016 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Electoral voter death threats backfire: Hillary Clinton loses four, Donald Trump wins in an electoral landslide

Donald J. Trump secured a decisive electoral victory this week as electoral voters across the country cast their votes for Trump despite being subjected to a coordinated, well-funded campaign of death threats, stalking, intimidation and strong-arm influence tactics. Yesterday, President-elect Trump achieved an even greater landslide victory than anyone thought possible, clocking in 304 electoral votes (losing just two) while Hillary Clinton was betrayed by four electoral voters from her own party, sliding her down to 228.

The net result is that, despite all the death threats and intimidation attempts, Donald Trump expanded his lead against Hillary Clinton by two more electoral votes, giving him an even greater commanding victory over the defeated Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is a four-time LOSER who represented a party of losers who still can’t accept that they lost

This victory makes Hillary Clinton a four-time loser who lost the 2008 nomination to Barack Obama, lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, lost the 2016 “Jill Stein” recounts, and has now lost the electoral college vote.

No doubt democrats are now going to roll out yet another chapter of delusional insanity by somehow claiming “the Russians rigged the electoral vote!” In reality, it was Soros-funded democrats who mounted an aggressive campaign of social pressure, death threats and delusional conspiracy theories played out across the front pages of the now-discredited Washington Post and New York Times. And still they couldn’t alter the outcome by any meaningful degree.


All the desperate efforts to fabricate false intelligence sources, generate fake news on CNN and whip up mass hysteria across the country failed miserably. They couldn’t even steal away enough electoral votes to drop Donald Trump below 300, much less push him below 270, which was their goal.

Everything on the left is either fabricated or rigged… and now the real truth is finally coming out

The Trump victory is now locked in, despite the ludicrous claims of a radical left-wing law professor who was widely quoted in the media, claiming “as many as twenty faithless electors” would dump Donald Trump. Remember, these are the same delusional leftists who, before the election, almost universally proclaimed Hillary Clinton would be the landslide winner because she was winning in all the polls (which we knew all along were completely fabricated).

It’s all the same pattern, of course: Rigged elections, faked polls, fabricated news reports, rigged debates, staged town hall questions, knowingly falsified predictions and a lame attempt to shape the outcome of political events by controlling the narrative. Now that they’ve lost control of the narrative, they’re rolling out “fake news” accusations backed by Facebook censorship systems that will only cause tens of millions of people to ditch Facebook and go somewhere else for their news.

(Hint: I’m launching a “Censored News” website in just a few days that will carry all the real-time headlines from all the main news websites censored by Facebook and Google. It will become the new portal for all the millions of people who are leaving Facebook and ditching Google News.)

The unhinged left is losing everything… and now they’ve lost their minds to boot

Since the Nov. 8 election, the unhinged left has lost almost everything. They lost the White House, the House and the Senate. They’ll lose the Supreme Court as Trump picks new justices, too. They’ve lost state legislatures, governorships and mayors. They’ve lost the recounts and now the electoral college votes, too. All along the way, people on the left have simultaneously been losing their minds, either acting like whiny little six-year-olds or emotionally investing themselves in utterly fabricated delusional conspiracy theories involving the Russians. But they made it all up themselves! The radical left has achieved nothing other than demonstrating a kind of twisted of self-traumatization.

Even worse — and this is only now becoming apparent to people — the unhinged left has lost its credibility.

Leftists are now synonymous with “conspiracy theorist” tin foil hat wearing nut jobs. Left-wing media has become synonymous with “fabricated news.” Left-wing political analysts have all been made into complete fools, including the one-time darling of political prognosticators, Nate Silver.

The left has lost its voter base, lost its political future, lost its “leaders” (it’s over for Hillary) and lost its way. That’s all because democrats became too arrogant, too corrupt, too delusional and too smug for the rest of America to tolerate any longer. While the democrat elite were sipping lattes and sunning on the beaches, congratulating themselves for the election victory they were certain they’d already sufficiently rigged with fraudulent votes, Donald Trump was working the campaign trail, strategically investing his resources to attain the electoral college victory that determines the winner of the presidential election.

That’s why Donald Trump won. He’s smarter, he’s tougher, he’s more dedicated and he’s a far more diligent worker than Hillary Clinton could even dare to ever become. Donald Trump didn’t need the Russians; he’s got the kind of personal fortitude and determination that comes from running your own successful businesses decade after decade. Trump survived in the real world… the unforgiving world of relentless competition where only the strong survive. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t know anything about that: She’s been coddled and given endless unfair advantages all her life; by the media, the delegates, fundraisers, the intelligent community and more. She never really had to work to attain power, so she became lazy and arrogant.

Political Darwinism: How leftists became lazy, stupid and arrogant

Democrats are weak because life has been too easy for them. They’ve never had to compete in the real world. They’ve never had to really work for anything. They live on either low-income handouts or high-dollar “cronyism” handouts from their government friends. This has made democrats lazy and stupid, all while independent-minded people like Trump became increasingly sharp, efficient and masterful in their command of large organizations.

I call it “political Darwinism.” It simply means that people who have to succeed in the real world end up learning to adapt and overcome, while those people who have had political success handed to them without any real effort end up becoming lazy, privileged, arrogant and extinct. Hillary Clinton’s election loss wasn’t due to the Russians… it was due to “natural selection” that is removing losing leftists from the “political gene pool.”

And that’s exactly the way it should be. Liberals are losers precisely because their ideas don’t work. Their “beliefs” are rooted more in cultism and fiction than anything resembling reality. Their tactics of disruption, death threats and censorship are truly abhorrent. They deserve no political power whatsoever in America, and I wouldn’t lose a bit of sleep if the entire democrat party just disbanded and retreated to the history archives of failed ideas.

We don’t need democrats any longer to Make America Great Again. In fact, all we really need is to democrats to get out of the way and let the adults in this country start healing, rebuilding and restructuring this economic nightmare that Obama almost completely destroyed over the last eight years.

I suggest that all leftists who are still whining and crying for mommy surrender your U.S. passport and move to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea or Communist China, where you’ll feel right at home. From now forward, America belongs to the patriots… the mature adults… the real men and women who have no more time to deal with crybabies, snowflakes and gender-confused social engineers. All you crybabies go home, sip your hot cocoa and play with your Play-Doh… leave the rebuilding of America to the real-world conservatives and libertarians who actually know how to get things done.

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