Obama commutes sentences of hundreds of cocaine dealers who targeted kids
12/27/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Obama commutes sentences of hundreds of cocaine dealers who targeted kids

Someday perhaps someone will ask Barack Obama why he hates the country he led for eight years so much that he would do the most awful things to it. He may not answer the question, but maybe he will, in an incredible moment of candor (and arrogance).

Because a president who says he loves his country deeply and would never do anything intentionally to harm it or its people should have to explain why it is he would ever pardon criminals who preyed on young adults and even children—like cocaine dealers. Especially hundreds of them.

As reported by The Daily Caller, since August 3, our lame-duck president has commuted the sentences of 657 cocaine dealers, a figure representing nearly 80 percent of the commutations Obama has granted from then until now.

For the record, commutations are a form of clemency that reduces the time federal prisoners were given to serve.

It’s not just the sentences of drug dealers who target and harm children that Obama is commuting; it’s prisoners of many stripes (so to speak). As reported by The New York Times, Obama has granted more commutations than the past 11 presidents combined. What’s more, Obama will grant further clemencies before he leaves office. Heck, he might even pardon every federal prisoner—you can never know with President Chaos.

White House naturally being vague about the prisoners Obama has released

As you might have expected, several of those cocaine dealers Obama has now pardoned were not low-level operators, The DC reported. Like Darryl Reed.

He was sentenced to 35 years in 1990 but is set to be released from federal prison towards the end of December. He used to be known as the “crack king” in Oakland, The Mercury News reports. In fact, retired Oakland narcotics police officer Ken Scott told the paper that “[Reed] had the whole city.” When he was busted, according to court records, Reed had a staggering $3 million worth of cocaine in his possession.


But Reed is only one of several high-profile drug dealers who will now be set free early, thanks to Obama. Jose Elias Salinas was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison in 2010 for “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of a mixture of methamphetamine, 5 kilograms of cocaine, and 100 grams or more but less than one kilogram of heroin.” Court records state that Salinas was a member of a drug bust that netted $375,000. He gets out early now—in October 2018.

The list of offenders whose sentences were commuted that was released by the White House included a misspelled name and often did not include a full accounting of the charges and offenses for which the respected individuals were sentenced. One example: The White House press release stated that Gerardo Levya was sentenced to life in prison in 2006 for “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of a controlled substance; money laundering.” But a federal indictment says that Levya was actually a member of a very large drug operation and was charged with possession with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine.

His operation was no doubt very successful, given that police seized a Lexus luxury automobile and more than $150,000 in cash at the time of his arrest. He will be released from prison in 10 years.

In the federal prison system, there are no ‘low-level, non-violent’ offenders

The National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys—the men and women who work hard to put these people behind bars in the first place, at much taxpayer expense—has come out in opposition of Obama’s “Get out of Jail Free” operation.

“We absolutely hope and expect that the aggressive clemency program presently underway will end when President-Elect Trump takes office,” NAAUSA President Steve Cook told The DC.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, a former U.S. attorney whom Trump has tapped to be the next attorney general, said in August that “so-called ‘low-level, non-violent’ offenders” do not exist in the federal prison system.

Two things about Obama’s actions:

— It is vital to understand that these people were tried and convicted in a court of law based upon legitimate evidence—not race, creed or any other political factor

— Given that the prison recidivism rate is 76.5 percent, that means more than three-quarters of those Obama has allowed to be set free early are going to be rearrested within five years, based on Department of Justice figures

But Obama doesn’t seem to care how many more Americans will be harmed by these career criminals who should have to serve their full sentences. And you can bet when they reoffend, then ex-President Obama won’t be held to account by the fawning (and wholly discredited) ‘mainstream’ media.






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