Today’s “progressives” are following almost perfectly in the footsteps of Soviet communists who sought to bring down America
12/28/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Today’s “progressives” are following almost perfectly in the footsteps of Soviet communists who sought to bring down America

The liberal “progressive” movement in the United States today that has been developed and fully embraced by the Democratic Party is really nothing more than warmed-over communism as it was practiced by the former Soviet Union, which has been delegated to the ash heap of history.

As noted by The Last Great Stand, this shift away from “your granddad’s Democratic Party,” which legitimately cared about the working man and woman, was embodied in comments that President Obama has made in the past—namely, that his own life was heavily influenced by the communist revolutionary Frank Marshall Davis.

Once upon a time, the discredited lamestream media would shout “conspiracy theory!” from the rooftops anytime someone would mention this association and Obama’s claim—that is, until video of the future president surfaced of him, in the mid-1990s, making that very statement. And while Obama did not then say that Davis was a communist, we’ve learned since that the FBI was very aware of his activities and his communist leanings and association.

Then, of course, there is 1960s radical Saul Alinsky, for whom both Obama and Hillary Clinton have great respect and admiration. This man’s book, “Rule for Radicals,” was nothing but a Left-wing, Marxist manifesto about how to agitate for “social change” in America. In other words, it was written as a guide for young “community organizers” and other Leftists like Obama to force a distinctly anti-American, anti-constitutional agenda that is anathema to the nation’s founding principles of liberty, freedom, individualism, capitalism and equality. That’s where Obama’s vow to “fundamentally transform” the country comes from.


Obama is the titular head of the American communist movement

But there is more to this agenda. Much more. Communists who hide behind the veil of “progressivism” have as their primary agenda to take down the United States as the world’s global defender of democracy and shining example of how people can live free and prosper. They want to replace our country with some authoritarian regime that rules with an iron fist, does not allow dissent, criminalizes free speech and jails political figures who disagree with the ruling class. Just like the Soviet Union.

The Last Great Stand reveals 45 steps the communists are attempting to implement in order to accomplish their goal—and the disturbing news is, many of those goals have already been accomplished. They include:

— Pushing a global trade agenda, including trade with authoritarian regimes (like China)

— Provide U.S. aid to all countries regardless of communist affiliations

— Promote the globalist United Nations as the only viable hope for Humankind to survive

— Do away with loyalty oaths to our own country

— Infiltrate the American political system

— Use the Constitution against the American people to gain advantages and ignore it when it does not suit the Left’s agenda

Read all of them here.

The election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency may stem the rush towards communism by the Democratic Party and its globalist Leftists for a time, but you can bet they aren’t going anywhere and, in fact, will work at every opportunity to subvert and de-legitimize the 45th president.

And Obama will play a major role in all of that.


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