ABC News worries about perception of all Muslims after fake hate hoax, instead of spreading facts
01/04/2017 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
ABC News worries about perception of all Muslims after fake hate hoax, instead of spreading facts

Fake news reports, specially those false stories concerning anti-Muslim hate crimes, have the potential to “unfairly discredit . . . dozens of real anti-Muslim hate crimes,” explained Rabiah Ahmed, the spokesperson for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), to ABC news.

The conversation with Ahmed was focusing on two false reports. One occurred at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor last November 11, just a few days after Trump was announced the President-elect. The Detroit Free Press reported a female Muslim student had told police that an unknown male assailant threatened to “set [her] on fire with a lighter” unless she removed her hijab. At the time of this incident, the Michigan branch of Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) intimated that this violence was in response to Donald Trump’s election win. Following an investigation by the FBI and local police it was discovered that the woman lied. No threat or attack had ever taken place.

In December, 18-year-old Muslim Yasmin Seweld, also filed a false report when she claimed that “three men taunted her” while riding the New York subway and screamed for her to take off the hijab. She since has been charged with obstruction of justice and filing a false report.

ABC news offered a platform to CAIR and the MPAC to air their views on the “great psychological stress” of the Muslim community, and the false reports should not take away the “credibility of dozens of others.” CAIR’s national spokesperson, Ibrahim Hooper, also stated that false reports are “statistically inevitable” because there have been so many reports, especially after “the November election.”

ABC news remained true to their censorship platform. There was no conversation or question concerning Islamic terrorism, Islamic Jihad, the incompatibility of Sharia Law and the Constitution of the United States or the Muslim Brotherhood’s cozy and dangerous relationship, as documented by the, with the out-going Obama administration.

The control of discourse on mainstream media is called “the Overton window.” As explained in, this term was invented by Joseph P Overton, who believed that “an idea’s political viability depends on where it falls within the window.” In other words, there are only two viewpoints, and within the conversations, there are accepted phrases and ideas that must be followed. All propagandists must stick to a specific range of allowed information until the truth itself becomes outlawed. Looks like ABC news is already in that mind control loop.


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