Trump is right to investigate voter fraud … and many experts think he’ll find plenty of evidence to prove it
01/27/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Trump is right to investigate voter fraud … and many experts think he’ll find plenty of evidence to prove it

President Donald J. Trump stirred up the angry Left and its sycophants in the “mainstream media” earlier this week when he announced, via Twitter, that he was going to look into the problem of voter fraud.

Eyes rolled. Heads shook slowly. Is this some sort of weird obsession with the president? What’s his deal, anyway?

Yes, this issue likely is an obsession of the president’s, but not for the reason the angry Left believes. In order to “Make America Great Again,” Trump wants to also make America’s electoral system trustworthy again, for he suspects that true-blue voter fraud is much more real than any phony Russian election hacking narrative.

And guess what? Many experts agree with him.

As reported by The Daily Signal, the Department of Justice, when it launches its presidentially-directed probe, is liable to find many instances of systemic voter fraud. That will necessitate the launching of a much broader investigation which will turn up even more evidence, say the experts.

In recent days, Trump suggested that there may have been as many as 3–5 million ballots cast illegally on Nov. 8, and he suggested that as the reason why he lost the popular vote to Democratic challenger and two-time presidential loser, Hillary Clinton. (RELATED: Say, what’s she up to these days anyway? Find out at

In particular, Trump is not concerned as much with illegal aliens voting as he is with voter registration rolls being compromised and incomplete, with “the dead” voting and other people voting in several districts (more on this in a moment).


A legal organization took action this week to prevent additional voter fraud in the future. The Public Interest Legal Foundation, which focuses on voter integrity, reached a consent decree with Noxubee County, Mississippi, which, amazingly, has had voter registration that actually exceeds the number of county residents – since 2011. A consent decree is a legal agreement between parties that does not acknowledge any guilt on the part of either party.

The Daily Signal noted:

“The decree includes requiring the county to identify dead voters on the rolls, clear voter rolls of former county residents, and mail all registered voters who have been inactive since January 2011.”

The organization last week also sought to force the release of information regarding non-citizens who are registered to vote in Manassas, Virginia. A spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, Logan Churchwell, said it will be a good thing now that the Justice Department won’t simply leave the task of discovering and reporting voter fraud to non-profit groups to deal with.

“We need to know how many noncitizens are voting and know the unknowns,” Churchwell told The Daily Signal. “Trump could just enforce the law. The giant research project he tweeted about, or had a series of tweets about, is worthwhile and only something the federal government could do.”

The DS reported earlier that estimates put the number of non-citizens who voted in the November elections illegally at around 800,000, according to Jesse Richman, an associate professor of political science at Old Dominion University. To reach that figure, Richman extrapolated data from a 2014 study that examined illegal vote casting in the 2008 and 2010 elections.

Why isn’t there a bigger outcry about this from the media? Because most voter fraud helps the Democratic Party, and the Washington establishment media is essentially the Democratic Party’s propaganda division.

This was laid bare recently in an undercover sting operation launched by Project Veritas. As reported by The National Sentinel, undercover journalists for Project Veritas managed to record a Democratic election official in New York City admitting that voters are bussed from district to district to cast ballots for Democrats.

The video of that sting is below:

In addition, the Obama administration, The Daily Signal noted further, went out of its way not to enforce “motor voter” provisions in federal law that require local governments to keep voter registration rolls current. Also, Left-wing organizations like the ACLU have gone to court to stop states from requiring voters to produce a legal photo ID before being allowed to vote. (RELATED: Read about more failures of bloated, ineffective, politicized bureaucracy at

An investigation into voter fraud is not going to be very hard, said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group.

“You can see the numbers we are talking about by looking at public voter registration lists and cross-checking that against a list of noncitizens,” Fitton told The Signal. “The federal government could coordinate with state and local governments and determine who registered to vote illegally. It’s a simple process. That’s why the left is so upset. They know the jig is up.”

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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