How George Soros and Hillary Clinton almost conquered the world (but were stopped just in time)
02/01/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
How George Soros and Hillary Clinton almost conquered the world (but were stopped just in time)

For a time – several months, in fact – it looked like Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was going to steamroll her way into the White House.

She had a massive donor network; polls had her way ahead; she had 30 years’ worth of political contacts; she had a globalist network of admirers; and she had something of value: insider knowledge of how Washington works, combined with the experience to go along with it.

Clinton was aided in her effort by some major backers, including billionaire George Soros, who has funded organizations throughout the United States and Europe with the goal of creating and supporting a planetary order run by himself and a few select “elite” – a group that Clinton already belonged to.

But their plans were thwarted by the unlikely and unorthodox candidacy of Donald J. Trump, America’s first populist president in a century, and a man to whom no one in the now-discredited “mainstream” media and political world gave a snowball’s chance in Hades of achieving victory. (RELATED: Stay current with our “unorthodox” president at

So says a Wall Street hedge fund manager and financial guru who believes unequivocally that Trump’s victory came at precisely the right time in history. Had he not won, says Mitch Feierstein, the new globalist order, in all its tyranny, would have been just over the horizon.

As reported by Sputnik, the details of the globalist plan are buried in the now-moribund Trans-Pacific Partnership – the latest globalist trade agreement which granted special negotiating access to select corporations, and which U.S. lawmakers who would have been tasked with approving it had to read in secret, under a pledge of silence. (Note to Washington: That’s not how a democratic republic works.)


“George Soros and Clinton Inc. were nearly able to declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ on their vision of establishing an opaque ‘New World Order’,” Feierstein, who has worked in the New York, Tokyo and London financial sectors for nearly four decades, told Sputnik.

As reported by Natural News, one of Trump’s first executive actions after being inaugurated was to kill off the TPP, which he derided on the campaign trail as one of many “bad trade deals” made by past U.S. administrations.

And with it, Feierstein says, goes the George Soros / Hillary Clinton master plan of global dominance.

“Forget Soros’s New World Order for now because a new sheriff, Donald Trump, the 45th US president arrived on [sic] in Washington promising to drain the swamp. TPP is a [sic] now history and it will be interesting to see who is naked at low tide,” he said.

What was especially sinister about the TPP is the way it would have allowed corporations in the 12 signatory countries, many of which were in Asia, to basically operate in secret, making their own rules as they went along – rules that were not subject to objections by national governments or messy things like the Constitution – and shield themselves from any liability for anything, including environmental damage, human rights and workers’ rights abuses, and so on. (RELATED: Our freedoms are constantly under assault, as you will discover at

Feierstein corroborated what Trump was saying on the campaign trail, that the TPP was literally one of the worst trade deals ever made by Washington’s political class and the globalists with whom they share allegiance.

“TPP was Obama’s ‘Crown Jewel’ achievement after 35 years of failed neoliberalism funded by oligarchs for the benefit of oligarchies,” Feierstein noted.

Since ancient times, there have been people or groups of people who wanted to rule everyone else. In the past few centuries, this was usually attempted and accomplished through the use of military force. But in the modern era, with economies intertwined and dependent on one another for survival, the world has a new kind of predator: the kind that manipulates economic outcomes for their personal gain and as a way of controlling the masses. After all, if you can control a person’s economic lifeline, then you don’t need to take that person out (though you certainly can if you decide to go that route).

Clinton and Soros’ plans were evil, but thanks to Trump and his “unique” presidency, they have been thwarted.

For now, anyway.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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