Another huge reason to build the wall: Mexican officials threatens to unleash drug cartels into the USA to punish Trump
02/02/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Another huge reason to build the wall: Mexican officials threatens to unleash drug cartels into the USA to punish Trump

In recent weeks a “new patriotism” has swept the country of Mexico, or at least, that’s what the discredited ‘mainstream media’ would have you believe.

Agence France Press ran a story a few days ago that is long on claims and short on facts. For instance, the story claimed that Mexicans:

— Are angry about President Donald Trump’s insistence that their country pay for the border wall;

— Are set in mass numbers to boycott American products and brands (the story mentioned three: Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola);

— Are using pro-Mexico hashtags all over social media.

The story appears to be the latest attempt by the media to make Mexico appear as though it is being victimized by the Trump administration and has to “fight back.” But the reality is just the opposite, as usual. (RELATED: How is the media failing you today? Discover the truth at

As reported by, if anyone should be worried, it’s Americans, making it even more necessary than ever to have that border wall Trump has set in motion.

Much of Mexico is ungovernable, and that is due in large part to the heavy presence and influence of the country’s large and dangerous drug cartels. Many of them wield more firepower than many Mexican army units and they have more cash at their disposal than entire states. One former Mexican foreign affairs secretary, Jorge Castañeda Gutman, has all but threatened they would be unleashed on the American public if Trump doesn’t back down from his pledges.


In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, an accused serial plagiarist, Gutman hinted that his country’s so-called drug enforcement assistance to the U.S. might not only be pulled, but the cartels might actually be turned on our country.

“Mexico has a lot of negotiating chips in this matter, Fareed, but it also has measures we could take in other areas,” he said, as quoted by “For example, the drugs that come through Mexico from South America, or the drugs that are produced here in Mexico all go to the United States. This is not our problem. We have been cooperating with the United States for many years on these issues because they’ve asked us to and because we have a friendly, trustful relationship. If that relationship disappears, the reasons for cooperation also disappear.”

Did Gutman just threaten to export Mexico’s drug violence to the United States, as it has been exporting its poverty and criminals for decades? Some would certainly view it as a threat, and they’d be right.

There’s little question that the Mexican government has long been infested with officials and mid-level careerists who are owned and operated by the cartels. Graft and corruption is rampant in Mexico. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2008 that then-Mexican President Felipe Calderon said his government was making a bit of progress in battling the cartels but “that graft remained a threat to the nation’s efforts against crime.”

The paper noted further:

Mexico has long been rife with corruption, which ranges from the small bribes that motorists pay traffic officers to the suitcases of cash that drug traffickers have delivered to law enforcement authorities. Ordinary Mexicans routinely pay bribes to get telephone service, loans, and even parking spaces.

Little changed in the ensuing years, except maybe that cartel violence only got worse. As Breitbart reported in December 2015, that year was “filled with drug violence, controversy, and crime.” In fact, rather than see decreases, “the country has begun to see escalating violence in places previously untouched.” (RELATED: Keep up with all of the threats to American society at

Drug cartels regularly gun down scores of rivals, kill local officials who refuse to be bribed, behead victims, and fill mass graves. And now, at least one former Mexican official wants to see the same thing happen in American cities.

It’s not hard to understand why Mexican officials are petrified that the Trump administration is going to make good on its promises to build a wall (on Mexico’s peso), and crack down on border security: Once those two things happen, it will be much more difficult for the country to export it’s social ills.

But given Gutman’s not-so-veiled warning, it’s just further justification for Trump to keep his campaign promise to keep Americans safe.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

Sources: (Agence France Presse)

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