Could these crystals help curb addictive behaviors?
02/03/2017 / By Cassie B. / Comments
Could these crystals help curb addictive behaviors?

If your New Year’s resolution entails giving up a bad habit, you’ve probably got your work cut out for you. It can be extremely difficult to free yourself from the grasp of an addiction, whether it’s alcohol, sugar, gambling, drugs, or any other harmful habit. That’s the hallmark of addiction: you know what you are doing is bad for you, but you feel powerless over your actions. Those beers might be damaging your liver and those cookies might lead you to develop diabetes, but you just keep going back for more. If you have already tried to quit certain addictions but have been unsuccessful, there is one solution that you might not have tried that could give your efforts a boost: crystals.

You might be rolling your eyes a little, but the healing properties of crystals have been touted for hundreds of years. While not everyone is quite on board with this belief, crystals do not have any negative side effects so there is nothing to lose by making it one part of your addiction treatment. Here is a look at three crystals that can help curb your addictive behavior.

Smoky quartz

Some healers point to smoky quartz for its ability to help you give up bad habits, and MindBodyGreen’s Emma Mildon even puts it in her water bottle to create crystal-infused alkalized water. She says this beautiful, clear stone that looks like it has little wisps of gray smoke inside helps her fight afternoon sugar cravings. Merely holding the crystal is believed to help melt stress, anxiety and tension and ward off negative thoughts and worries. Two popular authoritative books on crystals back this up, saying that it works incredibly well for quitting smoking by lessening the urge to pick up a cigarette and mitigating the effects of nicotine withdrawal, such as agitation and anger.



With its eye-pleasing purple shade, amethyst is another good choice for alleviating the pain of addiction on the psychological, physical and emotional levels thanks to its ability to remove negative energy. In fact, its very name is derived from the ancient Greek words for “not intoxicated” as it was believed to protect its owner from intoxication. It is also said to help bring people closer to their own spirituality and imbue them with the wisdom needed to overcome negative thought patterns.


This pretty gem produces different colors depending on the position from which it is viewed, and it is believed to have a host of benefits. It can help you to recover a sense of balance and renew your resolve, take responsibility for your actions and follow through with things, two very important aspects of overcoming addiction. Moreover, crystal experts say it helps you to understand and release the causes of your addiction and free yourself from the expectations of others.

Simply holding a crystal in your hand is enough to receive its healing energy, but some people choose to wear them as a necklace or bracelet so that it is held against their skin over a longer period of time. Some people meditate with crystals, and this is a very sound option for those trying to overcome addiction as you’ll also get the many mental and physical benefits associated with meditation.

While crystals alone are unlikely to cure you of an addiction completely, they can be used with other solutions as part of a holistic approach. Other approaches that might help you stay calm while fighting addiction include exercise, yoga, consuming a healthy diet, and aromatherapy.

There is not a lot of evidence to support the healing power of crystals. Some people attribute any improvements made while using crystals to a placebo effect, but if the end result is positive and you are able to overcome an addiction that has been causing you misery and likely putting your health at risk, it doesn’t really matter whether the crystals worked or if it was all in your mind – you’re free, and that’s what matters.


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