Telepathy: Explosive new scientific analysis claims some autistic children have psychic abilities
02/10/2017 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Telepathy: Explosive new scientific analysis claims some autistic children have psychic abilities

New research suggests that some children who have been diagnosed as falling on the autism spectrum may actually possess telepathic and psychic abilities that set their unusual behavior apart from that of others. These “savants,” as some experts are calling them, may or may not have the capacity to demonstrate these abilities in a visible way, but what’s going on inside their heads is believed to tell a much more interesting story about the unique “super” abilities that science increasingly suggests they quietly possess.

While it was formerly believed that autistic children who are unable to communicate the same way as other children are somehow lacking in cognition and verbal function, some of the latest science suggests that they simply have a different “skill set,” so to speak. Their brains are not only fully functional, in other words, but they may also have greater mental abilities than the average person, potentially including the ability to communicate without words.

Such research is often ridiculed by those in the mainstream as lacking credibility, but paraphysical evidence suggests that this psychic and telepathic phenomenon amongs autistic individuals is very real. Statistics out of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) published back in 1999, for instance, show that paraphysical phenomena are more verifiable than evidence showing that taking a daily dose of aspirin can help prevent a heart attack.

One of the areas where autistic “savants” shine rather brightly is in the math department. While the average person would require a calculator or computer to perform and advanced equation, for example, an autistic savant might be able to perform it in his or her head without assistance. This is just one example among many where autistic savants appear to excel in ways beyond everyday abilities.


“Some savants are able to perform extreme mathematical calculations in their head, similar to a calculator or computer, and others have remarkable artistic ability spanning across a variety of subjects,” Arjun Walia writes for “The list of abilities seen in savants is long, and one ability that could one day be added to that list is telepathy.”

In many cases, autistic children are overachievers compared to ‘regular’ children

Dr. Diane Powell, M.D., a practicing neuropsychiatrist with an extensive resume of experience in this particular field, has been studying human consciousness for many decades, particularly in autistic persons and other individuals who possess special abilities. Dr. Powell has worked with non-verbal autistic children and says that strong evidence exists for their telepathic abilities.

In one particular test, the results of which Dr. Powell presented before an audience of experts several years back, an autistic child named Haley was presented with a series of mathematical equations. She was told to select various numbers and match them on a screen, for which she achieved a 100 percent hit rate.

What makes this experiment particularly intriguing is the fact that “regular” children in another test group achieved only a 90 percent hit rate, on average, demonstrating the unique ability of Haley, and presumably other non-verbal autistic children like her, to overachieve mentally when given the opportunity to do so.

Other experiments conducted over the years have shown that autistic children function beyond the normal binary systems that we can observe physically using traditional methods. Their thoughts, dreams, and methods of silent communication were studied as part of an experiment involving a “telepathic sender” and a “telepathic receiver,” revealing further the existence of a paranormal, non-physical world that modern science is only just beginning to tap and understand on a deeper level.

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