Fake news vaccine attempt under way to make people immune (oblivious) to real news… HUH?
02/11/2017 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
Fake news vaccine attempt under way to make people immune (oblivious) to real news… HUH?

Vaccinations are supposed to help humans become immune to infectious diseases by providing the body with a tiny bit of the infection so it can later recognize the pathogens, bacteria or virus and create a ready-made defense system for defeating the real deal later. That’s the philosophy, but whether vaccines really work anymore is a “shot in the dark,” especially when considering the influenza vaccine, a.k.a. the flu shot.

News, much like a virus, can infect a person, especially when they’re hit with large doses, over and over. That’s why the mainstream media circulates fake news scripts over and over, citing each other’s fake news as their primary source, not relying on any facts or actual research whatsoever.

After enough of these “injections” of lies and deceit, the general public tends to believe just about anything.

Lately, the biggest fake news has come from the fake news specialists, calling the real news fake news. Stay with us now, because this gets a little “bloody,” but it’s ultra-important to be able to distinguish and differentiate the fake news from the real news.

The fake news casters are running a reverse psychology scheme so people will identify real news as fake

Cambridge scientists are supposedly hard at work, creating a “fake news vaccine” to help the sheeple in the UK (and the USA) believe that their mass media outlets deliver real news. The theory is that if they deliver small doses of bogus news claims to their fans, everybody will suddenly wake up to the fact that social media has lots of fake news headlines, and then dirty politics will all be cleaned up nicely, and nobody will ever fall for the fake news sickness again. Here’s how the “vaccine” works.


In order to immunize the population against fake news syndrome, researchers have devised psychological tools to “target fact distortion.” That means that fake news outlets (who masquerade as purveyors of truth), will now publish more fake news to cancel out the current fake news that they claim everyone else is spreading like a virus – this regarding everything from elections to wars, and from food to medicine.

Want to avoid misinformation? Turn the TV off and burn your newspaper

Yes, you heard that right, the University of Cambridge study’s lead author, Dr. Sander van der Linden, says “misinformation can be sticky, spreading and replicating like a virus.” The strategy is to provide a “cognitive repertoire” (you can’t make this stuff up) to help readers and listeners “build up resistance to misinformation.” This, they claim, will make the public less “susceptible” to fake news.

Here’s a thought: Just turn off your TV and burn your newspaper!

The study, which was actually published in the journal Global Challenges (for the mentally challenged, obviously) was supposedly conducted as a “disguised experiment” on more than 2,000 US residents who were presented with information about global warming, the greatest hoax of the 21st century.

This is all basically being done in response to the fact that in winning the election, President Donald J. Trump exposed the mainstream media as fake news; their polls as fake polls; violence at his rallies as funded and staged by the Clinton campaign; the “Russian hacking” of the DNC as really done by a whistleblower from inside the DNC who was part of the Bernie Sanders campaign; and exposed the fact that Hillary Clinton was handed the questions for the debates ahead of time.

Then, social media spread the news like wildfire – like an “infectious, viral pandemic” (pun intended). From WikiLeaks to the Veritas videos, the lamestream media were completely exposed as the shills and charlatans they really are.

And that puts us here, with “researchers” creating a “fake news vaccine” that’s way too little and way too late.

Google and Facebook are behind the latest attempts to black out any real news exposing fraud and scripted lies being handed down by US and UK governments.

German officials are supposedly now creating a “special government unit” to combat fake news (squash the real news about the government’s fake news), in the run-up to this year’s general election.

How many millions of sheeple are infected by the contagion of government scripted fake news?

Fake news, if you’re not aware, is when the government takes away the rights of the people, stages fake events, and leaves out important news stories so the masses will bow down to their leaders, ask for more big government, and continue voting for more free stuff. It’s nothing new, but the government pretending to flesh out fake news is new, and it’s like the criminals at a bank robbery pointing to the tellers and telling everyone in the bank that the employees are the thieves. Just as with “real” vaccines, the people getting injected are the ones coming down with the infections, believing the government scripted myths and hoaxes.

Bottom line? Watching or reading the mainstream media’s “news” is like feeding a cancerous tumor chemotherapy, aspartame, MSG and fluoridated water. It just grows and grows, infecting the host until death does its part (you vote for more big government).

The pandemic of the fake mass media is dying off though, now that tens of millions of people spread the real news. Thanks to truth media, alternative media and social media, the infectious disease spreaders have been temporarily sterilized and quarantined. Only time will tell who wins the information war. So far, the victory is in the hands of truth and Donald J. Trump. Check out Censored.news for more real news that the purveyors of fake news are calling fake. (Got all that straight?)

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