Americans elected Trump to “drain the swamp” – well, this is what it looks like, and the establishment doesn’t like it
02/20/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Americans elected Trump to “drain the swamp” – well, this is what it looks like, and the establishment doesn’t like it

Washington’s careerists, establishment politicians and Beltway media toyed with candidate Donald J. Trump throughout his campaign. Several times they wrote him off. Many times they laughed at him. Never did they take him seriously.

That’s why the politicos and the hacks and the consultants never picked up on how his message of returning power to the American people with pledges to “drain the swamp” and fight against the entrenched elite hit home with the electorate.

That is, until he won. Now, many establishment types are watching in horror as, one by one, Trump is delivering on his campaign pledges.

Including draining the swamp. (RELATED: Drain The Swamp Bill Introduced in Congress)

Nowhere has that work begun so diligently as in the State Department, where newly installed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has begun firing top officials and careerists ensconced in the foreign policy bureaucracy that is pro-globalist and would have worked daily to undermine President Trump’s policies and agenda.

As noted by Daniel Halper of the New York Post, it’s somewhat of a political bloodbath at Foggy Bottom:

Staffers in the offices of deputy secretary of state for management and resources as well as counselor were shown the door Thursday…

Many of those let go were on the building’s seventh floor — top-floor bigs — a symbolically important sign to the rest of the diplomatic corps that their new boss has different priorities than the last one.

The staffing changes came as Tillerson was on his first foreign trip — attending a G-20 meeting in Bonn, Germany.


“As part of the transition from one administration to the next, we continue to build out our team. The State Department is supported by a very talented group of individuals, both Republicans and Democrats,” State Department spokesman RC Hammond told CBS News.

The latest round of firings last week follows an initial round about two weeks ago, shortly after Tillerson was granted Senate confirmation and was sworn in as the country’s top diplomat. At the end of January, four top officials resigned the same day Tillerson visited the State Department for the first time.

Seems they didn’t dig what he had to say – on behalf of his boss, that is.

The establishment press’ take on all of this is predictable: This is part of Trump’s bull in a China shop approach to haphazard, maniacal, unstable governing. Oh, and the shedding of “key” personnel was politically motivated.

Well, on the first point, that’s patently absurd, but on the second point – these personnel changes are political in nature – is spot-on. And frankly, they are long overdue. (RELATED: Treason: Shadow Government In “All Out War” To Bring Down President Trump, And His Supporters)

Trump seems determined to not repeat the mistakes of past Republican presidents by leaving in place personnel that will work to undermine and subvert his policy priorities and agenda the entire time he’s in office. After 9/11, President George W Bush – in the spirit of “bipartisanship” following a close election which went to the U.S. Supreme Court – decided a way to “heal” would be to leave key Clinton people in place. It didn’t work out so well; Bush was undermined regularly.

So this cleaning out of political appointees with globalist views of the world and who don’t share Trump’s vision is long overdue, especially for a GOP president, considering the hard-Left slant of the Ivy League foreign policy schools.

Draining the swamp, by its very nature, is political. And it just happens to be necessary if the president – already beset by a barrage of leaks from foreign policy and intelligence community circles – is to see his policy directives enacted. For that, he’ll need people in key positions who are on his page, not their own.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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