McCain now playing the SAME role the traitorous Left played during the Reagan revolution
02/20/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
McCain now playing the SAME role the traitorous Left played during the Reagan revolution

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain doesn’t like President Donald J. Trump, perhaps because of comments candidate Trump made regarding McCain’s Vietnam war service, which included spending six years in a hellhole of a prison camp in what was then North Vietnam.

Or perhaps McCain, a careerist politician, who lost his presidential bid in 2008 to a political lightweight – then-Sen. Barack Obama – is miffed that a non-politician billionaire and former reality TV star did win.

Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s something else altogether. But none of this gives McCain the moral authority to publicly undermine the president (who is of his own party) and his policies on another continent filled with leaders who are also anti-Trump, while American’s adversaries are watching. (Related: Tired of the liberal media? Check the facts at

And yet, that’s precisely what McCain did. In a speech at the Munich Security Conference in Germany – a policy venue in which a noted American politician like McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, should have stood in unison with the president, he used the occasion instead to go after Trump.

As the Washington Post noted, McCain did not mention the president by name but he really didn’t have to. He “delivered a pointed and striking point-by-point take-down of Trump’s worldview and brand of nationalism,” the Post reported. (RELATED: Keep up with other efforts to discredit the president.)

To those of us who were adults during the Reagan revolution, many aspects of this lack of unity sound shockingly familiar.

It was the early 1980s, and Ronald Reagan – who himself won a major victory over Democratic President Jimmy Carter – was well into his first term and eyeing re-election, when Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy, now deceased, made contact with the KGB, the intelligence agency of the communist Soviet Union, our primary Cold War nemesis.

As noted by The Daily Signal, Kennedy had “selfish political and ideological motives” when he made contact, covertly, with the KGB, according to Reagan biographer, political science professor and writer Paul Kengor. The reason? Kennedy – who ran for president unsuccessfully in 1988 (he didn’t even win the Democratic nomination) – was considering a run against Reagan in 1984, and so sought to undermine Reagan’s policies, which included taking a tougher stance against the USSR.

Kengor, in an interview with The Daily Signal, said Kennedy was “a fool” for considering Reagan as a greater threat to American security than the Soviet premiers and the brutal intelligence/police state they ruled.

The DS noted:

The presidential hopeful’s secret correspondence with the Soviet spy service was first reported Feb. 2, 1992, by the London Times in an article headlined “Teddy, the KGB and the Top Secret File.”

The Times’ report centered around a 1983 KGB document that provided details to Kennedy’s outreach to Soviet intelligence and Soviet leader Yuri Andropov. Kennedy, who ran against Carter for the 1980 nomination (and lost), had presidential ambitions of his own, so his plan was to side with America’s sworn enemy in order to undermine U.S. leaders.

See if this sounds familiar: The Daily Signal reported, “Kennedy suggested he could work with the American news media to help organize favorable American press coverage for Andropov and other Soviet officials, according to the 1983 letter.”

Kennedy even offered top news media personalities at the time, including Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters, saying they would travel to Moscow to do favorable interviews with Soviet leaders. (RELATED: President Announces “Civilian National Security Force” – But Wait, That Was OBAMA, Not Trump)

The KGB was known to work with “dupes” and patsies in American government to influence U.S. policy in favor of the USSR. Kennedy, a beloved figure of the Alt-Left Democratic Party, was one of their dupes.

Fast-forward to the present day. While Europe is not ruled by communists and McCain isn’t going covert in an attempt to contact our legitimate adversaries, his public undermining of the U.S. president is an overt way of doing the same thing – introducing competing political objectives for self-gain. McCain isn’t going to run for president again, but he’s part of a globalist cabal that represents all that is wrong with Washington, D.C., and the very reason why Trump is president today and not Hillary Clinton (another globalist whom McCain once adoringly called a “rock star”).

More proof why Americans need to help the president “drain the swamp.”

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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