The five biggest anti-science FAILS of the progressive Left
03/08/2017 / By Mike Adams / Comments
The five biggest anti-science FAILS of the progressive Left

When it comes to topics like climate change, the progressive Left claims a monopoly on “science.” But a closer examination of the Left’s whacky beliefs across the scientific spectrum reveal a dogmatic, anti-science belief system that rejects near-universal scientific principles of genetics, chemistry, biology and more.

As one of the leading voices in the emerging revolution of decentralized, grassroots science — I founded and run a forensic food laboratory that blew the lid on mercury in rice protein products — I thought it important to point out these five glaring examples of the twisted, “quack” science of the progressive Left.

#1) Transgenderism and the theory of spontaneous genetic transmutation

If you’re ordering lunch at the Science Quackery Diner on the corner of Broken Brain Street and Libtard Lane, you can’t do better than ordering up a skillet of the progressive Left’s theory of spontaneous genetic transmutation… aka “transgenderism.”

According to this lunatic anti-science theory — widely believed by nearly all Leftists — a man can spontaneously transform into a woman by merely wishing it so. The progressive Left’s belief in this bizarre, anti-science theory is so ingrained in the cult-like culture of progressivism that some Leftists now argue that men have periods and transgendered men who declare themselves to be women can then become pregnant.

While Mother Nature has determined that sex expression is a binary phenomenon, the progressive Left has declared there to be more than thirty-one genders, ranging from “drag king” to “gender blender” and many more.


Even worse, any person who dares point out that the entire transgenderism lunacy of the Left is rooted in broken logic and anti-science quackery is immediately accused of hate speech for the simple reason that, to the left, scientific reality is considered HATE.

According to the intolerant, scientifically illiterate Left, to call people what they are is a hate crime, but to refer to people according to their imaginary trans-whatever status — some people think they are great cats and have embraced “transanimalism” — is not only socially acceptable but demanded by the politically correct thought police.

Allow me to demonstrate by stating the obvious: Bruce Jenner is not a woman named “Kaitlyn.” He’s a man impersonating a woman. While that’s certainly his individual right, it is absurd for the rest of society to demand that we all play along with his pretend womanhood. Now check the comments below this article and see how many delusional Leftists accuse me of hate speech for referring to a biological man as a man. It’s laughable.

See my more detailed analysis of the social delusions surrounding transgenderism in my article The rational argument against the normalization of transgenderism.

#2) CHEMICAL DENIALISM: Gender-bender agricultural chemicals don’t exist?

When it comes to gender issues, the progressive Left abandons all science and replaces it with pro-gender-fluid dogma. There’s no better example of this than the Left’s schizophrenic response to to the issue of agricultural chemicals (pesticides and herbicides).

According to the Left, nearly all pesticides and herbicides are extremely dangerous to human health, causing cancer, infertility, Alzheimer’s, dementia and more. Yet, through some sort of “chemical denialism” magic, the Left rejects the idea that atrazine causes feminization of males.

There’s no question whatsoever that atrazine exposure alters sex expression in biological systems. As I’ve written in this Natural News article:

Atrazine is widely documented as a “powerful chemical castrator” that transforms males into hermaphrodites, the animal kingdom version of a “metrosexual.” It’s also widely present in the U.S. water supply. It is undoubtedly one of the chemicals currently responsible for the mass feminization of men in modern society.

From the book Our Daily Poison – From Pesticides to Packaging How Chemicals Have Contaminated the Food Chain and Are Making Us Sick by Marie-Monique Robin, published in 2014:

We observed that atrazine reduced the size of the larynx, which is the voice box in the males. Since they sing to seduce the females, this meant they were sexually handicapped. We also observed very low levels of testosterone among the adult males; some of them were hermaphrodites, which means they had both ovaries and testes. In certain cases, the males became homosexuals and coupled with other males, adopting a feminized behavior; sometimes they had eggs in their testes instead of sperm. Ultimately, atrazine acted as a very powerful chemical castrator that is biologically active at 1 ppb, and even 0.1 ppb.

This is all documented in more detail at the website

Yet the progressive Left selectively rejects the chemical effects of atrazine because they don’t like the politics of sex expression being altered by chemical exposure. The Left wants to ridiculously believe that sex expression is nothing but a “choice” and can’t possibly be influenced by chemicals. This just shows you how incredibly scientifically illiterate the Left has become, given that sex expression in humans is almost entirely a chemical affair from the moment of conception. And the way doctors turn gender-transitioning women into a more masculine person is to expose them to male hormones (chemicals) such as testosterone.

Somehow, according to the Left, agricultural chemicals can’t possibly alter sex expression in humans, but glyphosate can definitely cause cancer, and testosterone can definitely make women more “male” and hormone disruptors such as BPA can definitely promote cancers in women.

Yet atrazine is selectively deleted from all this because nobody on the Left wants to believe that metrosexuals may actually be physiologically influenced by chemical exposure in a world where humans are bombarded by feminization chemicals. Somehow, that idea, no matter how rooted in chemical science, is flat-out rejected by the anti-science Left.

#3) SELECTIVE ELEMENTAL DENIALISM: Mercury is BAD in the atmosphere, but GOOD in vaccines

According to the environmental Left, mercury is bad almost everywhere. Mercury is bad in the coal. Mercury is bad in the oceans. Mercury is bad in the fish. Mercury is even bad in dentistry. (They’re right about all that, of course. Mercury really is bad.)

Yet magically, when it comes to vaccines, the medical establishment wing of the Left goes all-in for the insanely stupid idea that mercury is GOOD in vaccines.

Yep, flu shots still contain mercury in America, and those mercury-laced flu shots — each dose delivers about 25 micrograms of mercury — are routinely given to children, infants and expectant mothers.

This, according to the Left’s embracing of “herd immunity” — I can’t think of a more fitting name for the sheeple mentality — is rooted in “good science.”

Why, exactly, does the progressive Left believe that mercury is deadly to EAT or INHALE but not to INJECT?

Because they’re scientifically illiterate, of course. They freak out over 2 ppb of mercury in water — that’s the EPA limit — but have no concern whatsoever about 50,000 ppb of mercury in a flu shot. (That’s 25,000 times higher than the EPA limit of mercury in water.)

Leftists want to shut down coal-fire power plants because they emit mercury… even while those same Leftists have their own children injected with mercury every year. Even wild animals don’t contaminate their own offspring with toxic heavy metals, but Leftists do! And they congratulate themselves for doing it, all while pushing everybody else to inject their children with mercury, too. The best word to describe all this is “STUPID.”

Somehow, Leftists demand clean air, clean water, clean energy and clean vehicles… but never clean vaccines (i.e. vaccines free from aluminum and mercury, not to mention African Green Monkey kidney cells which are also used in vaccines).

Truly, the environmental movement that once began with Silent Spring has come full circle to the point of Silent Brains damaged by mercury. (Then again, the only way to make people stupid enough to keep voting for the Clintons is to damage their brains somehow…)

#4) A CONSENSUS OF FRAUD: NOAA quackery and man-made climate change

The progressive Left is absolutely convinced that man-made climate change is destroying the planet. They’ve been told that carbon dioxide is an “evil” molecule even though it’s the most important life-giving molecule the world of botany. Without it, all life on the planet would collapse.

According to the Left, temperature data “prove” that the Earth is rapidly heating up. We’re all going to cook!

The problem with the climate change quackery is that the NOAA altered the data to introduce a temperature bias. The actual “measured” data were fraudulently altered to produce “reported” data that appears to show a warming trend (see the chart below).

The climate change narrative is all a fraud. In reality, all the climate doom and gloom predicted by Al Gore hasn’t come to pass at all, and independent scientists everywhere are starting to speak out, questioning the “consensus” data fraud pulled off by the U.S. government and its liberal lackeys for the last eight years.

It turns out that most climate scientists are government funded, so they’re forced to produce study results the government wants (or they get blackballed from grant money and prestigious positions within government or academia). “Climate change” is nothing but a massive government fraud rooted in anti-science quackery and gross intellectual dishonesty.

The NOAA has even been caught several times deliberately faking climate data!

Via this Natural News article:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has yet to apologize for publishing some fake climate science that apparently ushered in the December 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

The agency claims it is looking into the scandal.

In a bombshell scoop in the Daily Mail, an NOAA whistleblower alleged that the agency rushed out a paper containing manipulated data to influence or convince the COP21 conference that no pause or slowdown in global warming had occurred in the last decade or two.

The politicized NOAA “pausebuster” report that discredited a generally accepted notion of a slowdown or hiatus apparently convinced pandering and science-illiterate world leaders like Barack Obama and then-U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and others to sign off on the climate change agreement, with the ordinary taxpayer picking up the tab.

“The report claimed that the ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’ in global warming in the period since 1998 – revealed by UN scientists in 2013 – never existed, and that world temperatures had been rising faster than scientists expected…But the whistleblower, Dr. John Bates, a top NOAA scientist with an impeccable reputation, has shown The Mail…irrefutable evidence that the paper was based on misleading, ‘unverified’ data. It was never subjected to NOAA’s rigorous internal evaluation process – which Dr. Bates devised,” the Daily Mail explained about the cooked calculations.

#5) LIFE DOESN’T COUNT: Organ harvesting from partially born, living human babies

The progressive Left claims it wants to protect lives through “tolerance” and “inclusiveness,” yet it simultaneously supports the killing of partially born babies whose organs are harvested for — guess what? — “scientific research.”

Yes, murdering babies is all part of the Left’s new “tolerant” science. How else are they going to have enough brains and skulls to experiment on unless the abortion mills are running seven days a week?

While demanding that you extend the “tolerance” to declare a woman to be a man, the same progressive Left has zero tolerance for the life of a nearly-born child. Have you ever wondered how many aborted babies might have grown up to be gay or lesbian, by the way? Quite literally, the abortion mills of the Left are murdering gays and lesbians in huge numbers while calling it “women’s health.”

Calling third-trimester abortion “women’s health” is like calling the bombing of innocent civilians a “military training exercise.”

The Left, you see, is incredibly concerned that children might grow up in a world where coal-fired power plants might put a few parts per trillion of mercury into the air they breathe, and that’s BAD. But murdering those children before they can even take a breath of atmospheric air is somehow GOOD.

Even more insanely, the progressive Left now believes in “post-birth abortions,” where parents can decide up to five years after the birth whether they choose to accept the child as being “alive” or not. Leftists are literally arguing right now for the right of parents to murder living infants months after they were born as a kind of “retroactive abortion.”

It all makes me wonder: Could the progressive Left’s ultimate act of women’s health be to abort themselves as adults? Could self-abortion be the new “thing” among the insane, delusional, anti-life, anti-science Leftists? I can see the posters now: “Save the planet. Abort yourself!” with a thumbs up from Al Gore.

The whacky “science” of the Left in a nutshell

Ultimately, the really shocking observation in all this is that when it comes to science, the progressive Left doesn’t believe in scientific principles at all. Instead, it believes in the dogma of politics, placing political narratives above scientific truth at every opportunity.

Whether the subject is genetics, chemistry, reproduction, agricultural chemicals or heavy metals contamination, real science has no place in the cult-like belief system of Leftists. Instead, science is replaced by dogmatic obedience to twisted ideas rooted in political expediency.

So what’s the REAL science in all this?

So let me lay out the real science on all this. It’s simpler than you think:

Scientific principle #1) Mercury is toxic in all is forms, and it should be eliminated from food, medicines and the environment.

Scientific principle #2) Chemical exposure can alter sex expression, cancer risk, cognitive function, fertility and more. Synthetic chemicals should be avoided in food, medicine, personal care products and workplace environments.

Scientific principle #3) Rising CO2 levels do not “doom” the planet, they “green” the planet with faster plant growth, reforestation, improved food yields and more.

Scientific principle #4) Sex (gender) is not a choice but rather a phenotype expression rooted in genetics and biochemistry. Men cannot magically transform into women by wishing it so. While chemicals can be used to “feminize” men or “masculinize” women, the XX/XY chromosomes are obviously not altered, and that person’s original DNA still tells the real story of their sex (which is a binary phenomenon, not “fluid”).

Scientific principle #5) All life is worth protecting, even the lives of nearly-born children. The assembly line mass murder of babies in abortion centers across America is an assault on life and a dangerous advancement of “murder in the name of science.”

Scientific principle #6) Beware of those who are scientifically illiterate attempting to push their lunatic left-wing “science theories” in the name of their political cult. The average Leftist knows nothing at all about science, just as they know nothing at all about history, medicine, astronomy, economics, geopolitics, fractional reserve banking and so on. Today’s typical young Leftist is an expert in all the things that don’t matter: Snapchat, Facebook friends, celebrities, sports, video games, fashion brands, iPhone apps, and the warped brand of “social justice” taught in the universities. They are completely clueless about the real world around them and have almost no real knowledge of genetics, chemistry, mathematics and other branches of the hard sciences. As a result, they can only detract from the breadth of human knowledge by inserting their ignorant nonsense into every debate, instantly proving to the world how little they know about anything that matters.

Finally, realize that nearly all mainstream “science” publications are Leftist in terms of their political orientation. National Geographic, for example, is a pro-pharma Left-wing anti-science propaganda rag that’s now pushing transgenderism. Even Nature, the medical journal, is anti-nature and pro-left-wing quack science. Most of the “scientific” establishment is rooted in left-wing academia and left-wing big government. Thus, they all push quack science transgenderism, climate change science fraud, mercury in vaccines and gender bender agricultural chemicals in the food supply.

As the new science revolution unfolds, you’re going to see the “scientific” status quo crumble and then collapse under the weight of real science. REAL science, by the way, comes from decentralized, independent scientists, not corrupt institutions or governments.

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