Non-industry studies vs industry studies show vast difference in the harmful effects of microwave radiation
03/17/2017 / By Howard Roark / Comments
Non-industry studies vs industry studies show vast difference in the harmful effects of microwave radiation

We are drowning in a sea of electromagnetic pollution, and the scientific priesthood is determined to keep us in the dark about the threat of microwave radiation to our health, well-being, and survival. A handful of scientists are willing to speak up, and have risked everything to inform the world about it. Some refer to this EMF poisoning as covert electronic warfare, some call it genocide.

At the very least, vested interests tell us that microwave radiation exposure is not a health concern, when it really is. Stop The Crime website lists fifty symptoms of microwave radiation that includes memory loss, confusion, headaches, anxiety, depression, and suicide. With the pervasive use of mobile phones, wearable devices, bluetooth, wifi, smart meters, smart appliances, hotspots, cellular towers, laptops, tablets, routers, cordless phones – we are being fried alive. (RELATED: See more evil at

Conflicting conclusions show a clear bias against reporting the facts on microwaves

In a damning article Natural Blaze attempts to deconstruct the tangled mess of subterfuge that characterizes the issue of microwave safety: “If smart technology gadgets don’t heat your skin, then they are safe, which is the standard ‘tobacco science’ pap disseminated by industrial professional societies such as IEEE, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the National Council of Radiation Protection (NCRP), and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), who fund and/or perform the studies the World Health Organization and global government health agencies cite as ‘factual’ science. Basically, microwave technology industrial professional societies state emphatically there is no such effect as non-thermal radiation adverse health effects, which contribute to and/or cause electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or what physicians call idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) in sensitive people around the world.”


Further, Natural Blaze reports that despite efforts at a cover-up, a significant one-third of industry studies do show harmful effects from microwave radiation beyond skin heating. Additionally, 70% of non-industry studies show definitive non-thermal damage to humans. Natural Blaze cites an article published in December 2016 by Sarah J. Starkey of Independent Neuroscience and Environmental Health Research, London, U.K. The article is entitled “Inaccurate official assessment of radiofrequency safety by the Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation.” Starkey writes:

“The microwave industry considers ‘cancer’ a four-letter-word and does everything within its financial and political prowess to disassociate anyone from proving or even associating cancer etiologies with microwave EMFs/RFs/ELFs, thermal and non-thermal wave radiation…The denial of the existence of adverse effects of RF fields below ICNIRP guidelines in the AGNIR report conclusions not supported by the scientific evidence.”

Our genetic legacy, our children, should be listed as an endangered species

The most obscene aspect of this ever-present technology is the unrestrained proliferation of WiFi in schools (the use of WiFi is not even necessary; schools can be wired with telecommunication cables, as has been used for decades). If after exposure at school, children go home to another wireless environment, then they are exposed day and night. Children are more harmed by RF than adults; in essence we are destroying the future potential of our collective gene pool.

Damage to DNA and cancer result from oxidative stress, and microwaves cause oxidative stress. Due to widespread and growing use of wireless devices, microwave radiation is blanketing the entire planet, and all living things are at risk for genetic deterioration. The human tissue that is most vulnerable to the effects of microwave radiation is a fetus of under 100 days. Recall from your high school biology course that a baby girl is born with one to two million eggs; not yet matured, but nevertheless all present. Appallingly, this means that the full extent of the damage we are taking on today won’t be apparent until it shows up in our grandchildren. Will we one day ask in mourning and disbelief, my God, what have we done?


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