Google profits from Jihadi training videos that teach mass murder while Facebook gives thumbs up to “kill white women” posts
03/24/2017 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Google profits from Jihadi training videos that teach mass murder while Facebook gives thumbs up to “kill white women” posts

With each passing day, the insidious evil of Google and Facebook becomes increasingly apparent to all aware individuals. The latest disgusting examples show how Google earns sick profits off content that teaches Jihadi terrorists how to commit mass murder using vehicles as weapons. Similarly, Facebook now gives “thumbs up” approval to posts that call for people to “kill white women” while simultaneously banning accounts that post Bible passages.

How sick and evil have these tech giants really become? By some accounts, they now pose an imminent threat to not just the sanity — but even the safety — of citizens everywhere.

Google makes money off “Jihadi terror manuals”

Via the UK Daily Mail:

In the hours after the London attack, the Daily Mail found vile Islamic State terror manuals online through simple searches on Google and Twitter. One included a section on using vehicles as weapons.

The vile manuals were online despite widespread warnings that UK jihadists use them for training.

Fanatics are urged to deploy large vehicles as ‘tools of war’ before going on a stabbing rampage – the template for Wednesday’s atrocity in Westminster.

It told jihadists in the West to learn from Palestinian terrorists who ‘have resorted to using cars as tools of war, also knives as weapons which are easily available from DIY stores’. The manual was published a year ago, before the vehicle attacks in Nice, Berlin and London, which have killed 102 people and injured more than 500. Another Islamic State publication was available through Google and Twitter with detailed instructions on how to cause mayhem.


In other words, anyone looking to learn how to commit murder and terrorism can go straight to Google to find out how it’s done. And during all searches, Google is making money off the search history data collection of the user as well as any possible ads that might appear, served up by Google Adwords.

Facebook gives thumbs up to “white women should be hunted and killed”

At the same time Google is profiting off Jjihadi terrorism manuals that promote the mass slaughter of innocents, Facebook is giving a “thumbs up” rating to a post that urges the mass killing of white women.

As reported by InfoWars:

The way in which Facebook polices content on its network is under scrutiny again after it was revealed that a post in which a user called for white women to be “hunted and killed” was deemed to not be a violation of community standards.

“White women should be hunted and killed then we won’t get white babies who think the(y) own the world,” the user posted.

When the post was reported by another user for “hate speech,” Facebook responded with the message, “We reviewed the comment you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.”

Meanwhile, posts by Christians that simply state bible passages in discussions about homosexuality are being removed, while pages devoted to showing grisly mock images of President Trump being assassinated are not taken down.

Google and Facebook both promote extreme medical violence against children while doing business with criminal pharma companies

As you absorb all this, keep in mind that both Google and Facebook also promote extreme medical violence against children by giving priority rankings to medical authorities and websites that push the injection of brain-damaging mercury into the bodies of innocent children.

The medical maiming of children via toxic vaccines results in brain damage, autism, seizures, hospitalizations and more. The UK government recently paid out a massive financial settlement to over 60 families whose children were severely brain damaged by the same vaccines propagandizes by Google and Facebook.

Similarly, both Google and Facebook give strong preference to pro-pharma content that promotes the financial interests of GlaxoSmithKline, a criminal organization that pleaded guilty to felony crimes for running a nationwide bribery ring. The U.S. Dept. of Justice reached a $3 billion criminal settlement with GSK, in which the company admitted to committing felony crimes. Yet Google and Facebook still happily conduct business with this criminal pharma cartel as well as dozens of other pharmaceutical companies engaged in similar criminal behavior.

It is no exaggeration at all to state that Google and Facebook do business with drug cartels. …Even ones that have been found guilty of felony crimes in the United States, by the way.

Google and Facebook profit from violence, murder, terrorism and criminal rackets

What’s clear from all this is that Google and Facebook are both happy to make money off medical violence, murder, terrorism and violence as long as the revenues keep flowing in. For these internet giants, profits are far more important than anything else, even if it means hundreds of thousands of lives are harmed or even killed due to the information promoted on the Google or Facebook websites.

While Google is making money off Jihadi terrorism and the criminal drug cartels, it recently blacklisted the entire Natural News website for 6 days to silence Natural News, invoking a completely fabricated technical excuse that none of over 1,000 SEO analysts could replicate or find on the Natural News website.

Facebook is also engaged in the “shadow banning” of conservative or libertarian-leaning websites, quietly censoring their posts or even banning their websites entirely, leaving only the hate-filled rants of socially-obedient Leftists who demand things like the “killing of white women” (which seems perfectly reasonable to Facebook, apparently).

It goes beyond saying that Google, Facebook, Twitter and other internet gatekeepers desperately need to be investigated by the Trump administration for collusion with criminal groups, censorship of legitimate free speech, and the deliberate blacklisting of targeted sites for political purposes.

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