Schweizer: There’s more evidence of Podesta-Clinton collusion with Russia than there ever was with Trump
03/30/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Schweizer: There’s more evidence of Podesta-Clinton collusion with Russia than there ever was with Trump

Author Peter Schweizer, Breitbart News’ editor-at-large, told the news site’s SiriusXM radio program Thursday that the campaign manager of Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign and longtime friend of her and husband Bill may have violated the law in his dealings with Russia.

Telling Breitbart Daily News that Podesta has “a very interesting relationship with Russia, going back to when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state,” Schweizer – author of “Clinton Cash,” which exposed how foreign governments helped enrich the Clintons through their foundation – detailed how Podesta and Russian President Vladimir Putin became intertwined.

“When she was secretary of state, he was an advisor” who had a seat on Clinton’s foreign policy advisory board, Schweizer said. Based on emails released through Wikileaks, “we know…that he was talking to her all the time on everything from speeches to personnel directions to policy positions.”

Podesta, who joined the Obama White House as a presidential advisor in 2013, first linked up in 2011 with the executive board of a small Massachusetts energy company called Joule Energy. A couple months later, the company got “a large infusion of cash” – one billion rubles, or about “$35 to $45 million, invested from Russia.” (RELATED: If Trump or his people really did something illegal with Russia, they would have been charged already)

That money came from “a very unusual entity” called RUSNANO, which is a government-funded investment fund also known as “Putin’s Child” according to the Russian Science Ministry. “So it shows you how connected this fund is,” Schweizer said.


“They actually buy an equity stake in this John Podesta-linked company, which they can do. You can raise the question of why they’re doing it while he’s advising Hillary Clinton, but they can legally do that,” he said.

The problem for Podesta, he continued, is that when he joined the White House he was required to file a large amount of paperwork, including financial disclosure forms, the boards on which he sits, stock holdings and so forth.

“In the case of Podesta, there are two omissions. One of them is the way the Joule was structured, it has three corporate boards. It has one based in Massachusetts, one based in the Netherlands, and then it has a holding company. John Podesta, according to corporate records, was on all three of those boards. He only listed two of them on his financial disclosure. He omitted probably the most important one, which was the holding company,” said Schweizer.

While the Clinton author submitted the possibility that the omission could have been an oversight, Schweizer said Podesta did not disclose what he did with 75,000 shares of stock he had in Joule Energy that were given to him as part of his compensation for being on the company’s executive board.

“He gave them to his daughter through an LLC,” Schweizer explained, but it wasn’t clear whether or not she actually became the owner. By that, he explained, “I mean the Podesta emails” that show he had an extensive conversation with company execs and others connected to them, though ostensibly he didn’t own the stock any longer.

By failing to disclose what he had done with the stock, Podesta – who has been around government before – committed a “clear violation of what you are supposed to disclose on these federal forms,” said Schweizer.

Host Alex Marlow then said it appears there is much more evidence connecting the Clintons and Podesta to Russia than there has ever been of President Donald J. Trump and his circle of advisers. (RELATED: McCain Challenges Trump To Prove Obama Wiretapped Him… Even Though There’s Clear Evidence He Did)

“And yet the media is obsessed with one and not the other,” Schweizer said, noting the wall-to-wall coverage of the alleged Trump/Russia collusion to “steal” the election from Clinton despite the very obvious lack of evidence to support the allegation.

The “Clinton Cash” author also noted that, based on Trump’s selection of Cabinet appointees and national security advisors, the Trump-Putin connection makes no sense.

“The thesis that everybody is operating on is the Russians helped Trump win and Trump is going to do all these favors for Russia. The problem is, when you look at the personnel decisions, who’s running Russia policy in the United States – whether that’s General Mattis at the Pentagon, whether that is McMaster, the national security adviser, whether that’s the CIA director, whether that’s the director of Russia policy on the National Security Council, who’s a very solid scholar from the Brookings Institution – none of these are remotely pro-Putin,” he said.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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