Top eight so-called “conspiracy theories” over the past decade that turned out to be completely TRUE and accurate
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Top eight so-called “conspiracy theories” over the past decade that turned out to be completely TRUE and accurate

The mass media works very, very hard at lying to the American people about anything and everything that damages our health, safety, privacy and the environment. The reason the mainstream media works so hard at being complete scumbags is because nearly every sponsor who advertises on television promotes toxic food, dangerous chemical medicine, pesticides that pollute the environment, and personal care products that cause disease and disorder.

If you have any doubts about this whatsoever, all you have to do is closely examine the top eight so-called “conspiracy theories” over the past decade that turned out to be completely TRUE and accurate.

#1. The US Government is spying on its own citizens all the time

Oh, yes he did. Edward Snowden blew the biggest whistle since Paul Revere when he proved to America that the NSA (in tandem with the FBI and CIA) spies on every single American, while violating the Constitution, basic liberties and personal privacy laws, by recording and collecting data on us all through emails, phone calls, social media, Skype, smart TVs, smart meters, and more.

The 29-year-old “technical” wizard worked at the National Security Agency and was able to sneak out with a thumb drive that mapped out the PRISM program – the exact way NSA spies on all Americans all the time. Until that time, anyone who claimed the American Government was spying on its own people was labeled a nut-job “conspiracy theorist” who was paranoid and needed psychological help. My how the tables have turned.


#2. Vaccines cause autism, autoimmune diseases, brain damage, central nervous system disorders and the spread of the very diseases which they’re supposed to prevent

For decades, the medical “holy grail” has been vaccines. Ever since the over-hyped polio vaccine was “discovered” and “cured polio,” the medical quacks have been totally successful at calling anyone who questions or criticizes the dangerous chemicals in vaccines “quacks” and charlatans themselves. Parents whose children have been severely injured or killed by vaccines and sue or complain are called “anti-vaxxers” and are persecuted for their beliefs.

It’s almost as though we’re living in medieval times. But then the lead scientist at the CDC blew the whistle on the whole facade just a few years ago, admitting in complete shame that the MMR vaccine does cause autism and that the CDC science team covered up the research and destroyed the evidence so Americans couldn’t find out the truth. Yes, Dr. William Thompson admitted to the world that the CDC is corrupt to the core and he bled out the truth about toxic vaccines that cause autism, among other atrocities.

#3. Global warming is a hoax and a political money-making scheme

It really sounded believable for the longest time. Hey, the earth’s getting hotter and hotter because we’re all exploiting natural resources and living irresponsibly. Well, we are, but it’s not. Politicians and shill scientists got together and altered data, faked graphs, skewed the research, and simply left out massive troves of information that prove the earth is not getting hotter, and humans have nothing at all to do with climate change.

In fact, at just barely over 400 ppm, the current CO2 level in Earth’s atmosphere is, without question, close to the lowest it’s ever been in the history of the planet. The New York Times and the Washington Post are both major players in the great Ponzi scheme of global warming, as was Al Gore. It’s a bunch of debunked pseudoscience, and everyone who knows the truth is labeled by the mainstream media as “anti-science.” Funny how the liars accuse everyone else of what they really are themselves.

#4. The measles vaccine is far more deadly than the actual measles virus

From 2004 to 2015, there were 108 deaths due to the measles vaccine, yet there were zero deaths due to measles virus itself. So go figure. All the chemical-based allopathic “health authorities” always blame the unvaccinated children when there is a measles outbreak or “epidemic” or even “pandemic,” but the truth is more vaccinated children get sick from the very diseases against which they are immunized. It’s called shedding, and it dismantles and debunks the whole “herd theory.” The vaccinated shed the virus to their own vaccinated counterparts and the mass media blames the unvaccinated, and round and round the lie goes like a merry-go-round.

#5. Obamacare is a scam

In order to get more people to take chemical medications and make the big pharma corporations richer through monopolies, the government passed the sham that is known as Obamacare.

#6. The HPV vaccine is dangerous and unnecessary

Just type “HPV vaccine damage UK” in your favorite search engine. Use to search the independent media.

#7. Vaccines still contain mercury

Just check out the CDC’s own vaccine excipient list of ingredients in most influenza vaccines! It’s hidden in plain sight under the name thimerosal.

#8. Genetically modified organisms in food can cause cancer

Just ask the world’s top scientists who prove it in the laboratory with study after study.


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