Higher education? Stanford will now accept students if they scribble “Black Lives Matter” on their college application
04/19/2017 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Higher education? Stanford will now accept students if they scribble “Black Lives Matter” on their college application

A former intern for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign has been accepted to the prestigious Stanford University in California after submitting a college application “essay” that contained 100 repetitions of the text “#BlackLivesMatter” in response to the question: “What matters to you, and why?”

Ziad Ahmed, a self-proclaimed Muslim activist from Bangladesh, says he’s shocked that this institution of higher learning accepted him, presumably in part because he didn’t even answer the “and why?” part of the question – nor did he write anything close to an actual essay. Instead, this attention-whoring Black Lives Matter “ally” blanketed his application in a buzzphrase coined by none other than international terrorist George Soros, which somehow “wowed” the admissions faculty at Stanford.

Embracing what many other liberal “snowflakes” just like him have been told to believe by the establishment, Ahmed is convinced that police abuse is strictly a minority problem. Despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary, he believes that police violence is a reflection of anti-black sentiment, and thus must be announced at every given opportunity, including on college applications.

“I didn’t think I would get admitted to Stanford at all,” Ahmed insisted to reporters, “but it’s quite refreshing to see that they view my unapologetic activism as an asset rather than a liability.”

The story was picked up after Ahmed reportedly posted a screenshot of his acceptance letter on Twitter, to which it received thousands of “likes,” including one from the police reform group Campaign Zero, along with its founders. Since that time, Ahmed’s story has been picked up by media outlets across the globe, awarding him his 15 minutes of fame.


Ahmed had also reportedly made quite the name for himself prior to this latest stunt, including a Ted Talk he gave in Panama back in 2015 about what it’s like to live as a Muslim in the United States.

Stanford praises mindless repetition as “fantastic” and “original”

One would think that Ahmed presented a doctoral thesis on a groundbreaking new way to produce unlimited sustainable energy for free using nothing but trash, the way he’s being lauded by Stanford faculty. Yet, in reality, there’s absolutely nothing either original nor purposeful about his little stunt, as it accomplishes nothing other than to stoke the already raging fires of racial tension in the U.S.

The woe-is-me mindset of people like Ahmed – who’s doing quite well for himself pushing the pro-BLM narrative, by the way – is a tired schtick that’s permeated college campuses in particular since at least the 1960s. But for some reason, Stanford faculty thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

“Everyone who received your application was inspired by your passion, determination, accomplishments, and heart,” reads the gushing acceptance letter that Ahmed received in response to his ridiculous act of repetitive hashtag activism.

“You are, quite simply, a fantastic match with Stanford. You will bring something original and extraordinary to our campus – a place where you can learn, grow, and thrive.”

Ahmed is apparently under the impression that simply because his skin is brown he somehow identifies with the African-American community, even though his life experience as a Bangladeshi Muslim more than likely has very little in common with the average black person living in the inner city – not to mention the fact that his sentiments are, quite ironically, racist to the core.

If Ahmed had crafted an actual essay on the reasoning behind his support for Black Lives Matter, using proper arguments, complete sentences, and literacy, it might be possible to argue that his application was worthy of acceptance. But the fact that he didn’t – and that Stanford sees such tripe as a laudable accomplishment – speaks volumes about the dismal state of American education.

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