Leading survivalist reveals his top 5 handguns for preppers
05/07/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Leading survivalist reveals his top 5 handguns for preppers

Seasoned firearms owners who also happen to be preppers are well aware of what kind of handgun they prefer. As a prepper and handgun owner, I have fired all kinds of handguns of various calibers in my quest to find what works best for me.

What things did I look for when making my decision? First of all, I defined for myself what purpose I wanted my handguns to serve. I didn’t just want a firearm for self-defense, though clearly, that is a priority. In addition to serving as protection against bad people, I also wanted a gun that I believed would be useful for quite awhile in a stuff-hit-the-fan scenario.

What do I mean by that? Well, I’ve known lots of guys and gals who buy exotic guns that are difficult to maintain. Getting parts for them is tough, cleaning them is tough, and getting ammunition for them can be tough. For example, I knew someone who owned an Israeli Arms Desert Eagle, a .44 caliber monster handgun that uses a not-all-that-common ammunition and, frankly, is heavy and difficult for the average person to hold, let alone master. Plus, it’s expensive to shoot; the ammunition isn’t cheap and neither are spare magazines. (RELATED: Which Combat Rifle Should You Buy? Some Of The Most Popular Rifles May Not Be The Best Choice For You)

Yes, it was “cool” to shoot and all that, and the big beast definitely has some advantages under normal societal conditions. But once the chaos starts, you’re going to want to own handguns that are much more common, far easier to shoot and maintain, and require less work finding ammunition.


That said, firearms owners and preppers all have opinions about what the best handguns are, so don’t take this particular article as “the gospel.” It’s more like a primer to get beginner preppers and those who haven’t been involved in prepping for long up to speed on some handguns that can be a prepper’s best friend (h/t M.D. Creekmore at The Survivalist Blog).

Let’s take a look at five handguns that fit the requirements of a) easy to shoot; b) easy to clean/maintain; c) commonality (they are everywhere); d) easy to find ammunition for:

— Glock Model 19: This lightweight handgun is made largely of composite materials, though these days so are other models (like the Springfield Armory Model XD 9 mm). This weapon is a favorite of many preppers; it’s a mid-sized handgun that comes with the magazine capacity of a bigger pistol, holding 15 rounds in its magazine – plus one round in the chamber.

Now, you can also pick up for not too much money a Glock factory-made 32-round magazine. The Glocks are not known for jamming, either due to function or ammunition (though older ammunition might pose a problem for any firearm, especially if the primers have gone bad), so you can realistically put several 32-round mags through your Glock 19 if need be.

— Springfield Arms XD: You probably guessed that I was going to list the SA XD, since I mentioned it above, and you were right. Like the Glock, this gun is a mid-sized, lightweight, very functional weapon that comes in a very common round – 9mm, just like the Glock Model 19. And both of these guns are good for self-defense before and after stuff hits the fan.

It also takes 15-round magazines with one in the chamber, giving you the same amount of firepower. When firing, there is little recoil so you can get back on your target very quickly. Easy-peasy firing, cleaning and finding ammo for this gun. Also, it’s accurate.

— Browning Buckmark: Not all preppers would agree that a .22 caliber handgun is of much use, but in this case, owners of the Browning Buckmark would disagree. What makes this an ideal prepping handgun as opposed to a self-defense gun is that it is perfect for hunting small game. The .22 round is quick, not very loud and the gun is accurate – many a prepper has used one to bag squirrels, rabbits and even groundhogs. Plus, the round won’t tear up the game.

Tip: Buy several types of .22 ammunition to test your Browning Buckmark or other .22-cal. handgun; Creekmore says different brands of .22 ammo can behave differently. Find the most accurate and reliable.

Hint: Stay away from .22 caliber hollow points; they can tear up your small game and make the carcass unedible/unusable. (RELATED: Real-Life Prepper Moment: Midwest Flooding Shutting Down Roads And Highways, Making It Impossible To Restock Store Shelves)

— Smith & Wesson MP .22: Like the Browning, this weapon is also a stellar choice. “One major plus is that it’s lighter in weight than the Buckmark making it easier and less tiring to carry on a trap line (or anywhere else) where you can be gone all day checking your traps,” Creekmore noted. Also, it’s easy to find holsters that fit this gun.

— Smith & Wesson MP 9 Pro Series: The MP 22’s bigger brother, this weapon can fit your hands better than even the Glock 19 and other Glock series handguns, which are generally very comfortable. Grip design is crucial in enabling you to get your sites back on target after firing more quickly. This gun is powerful enough with the right ammunition, accurate and very reliable, say its owners.

Before you go buy your next prepper gun, have an idea what you want before you go the gun store. Some sales people can be pushy and because they work in or own the store, they will often regale you with tall tales about which handguns they know to be best. If you’ve done your research and you’ve even been to a range to fire the gun(s) you want to buy and have thus made up your mind, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. If the shop doesn’t have what you want, go to a different gun store until you find what you’re looking for.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.




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