Hate crime HOAX: Hate-filled liberal spray painted a swastika on his own church to blame Trump supporters
05/12/2017 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Hate crime HOAX: Hate-filled liberal spray painted a swastika on his own church to blame Trump supporters

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential win back in November, slews of liberals across the country took to the streets in protest against one of the biggest election upsets in recent history. But some of them went way too far in inciting their own brand of violent and irrational “activism,” including one man from Indiana who actually spray painted his own church in the dark of night and blamed it on Trump supporters.

The incident occurred at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom, Indiana, an unincorporated area south of Indianapolis. The man, according to reports, emblazoned inflammatory language like “Fag Church” – St. David’s is a gay-affirming congregation – and “Hail Trump,” likening America’s 45th president to Adolph Hitler.

The mainstream media was quick to hijack the story as political fodder, embedding it beneath sensationalist headlines like “The postelection hate spike: How long will it last?” and “‘Make America White Again’: Hate speech and crimes post-election” – the assumption being, of course, that Trump supporters were responsible for this and other acts of aggression following the election. But since these reports were first published, the truth has come out that many of them, including this particular incident in Indiana, were hoaxes perpetrated by Trump-hating liberals desperate for attention.

“I suppose I wanted to give local people a reason to fight for good, even if it was a false flag,” the perpetrator at St. David’s, 26-year-old George Nathaniel Stang, the church’s organist, told local NBC news affiliate WTHR about why he did what he did. “To be clear, my actions were not motivated by hate for the church or its congregation. I, of course, realize now that this was NOT the way to go about inspiring activism.” (Related: More examples of false flag attacks that have been used to push political agendas are available at FalseFlag.news.)


Washington Post, CNN and others who reported on fake pro-Trump hate crimes conveniently failed to report on Stang’s arrest

After admitting that he faked the whole thing in a lame attempt to frame Trump supporters, Stang was arrested and charged by Brown County for institutional criminal mischief, a misdemeanor crime, according to WTHR.com. Stang was also identified through mobile phone records as having been at the scene of the crime the night that it occurred. If convicted, Stang faces a jail sentence of up to one year and a fine of as much as $5,000.

Many of the mainstream media sources that originally reported on the incident before learning that Stang was the perpetrator, though, have yet to correct the record. The Washington Post, CNN, and many others who immediately blamed President Trump and his supporters for this apparent hate crime are silent now that it’s been revealed that a Trump hater was the one responsible. These same news outlets have also been silent about other similar false flag events such as the infamous Muslim woman from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who claimed that her hijab was stolen by Trump supporters, which also turned out to be false.

“Fake hate crimes committed by progressives are by this point so familiar that they are practically a cliché,” writes Kevin D. Williamson for the National Review about this and many other similar incidents that have occurred in recent months following Trump’s win.

“Socialism failed, but there is some juice to be had from convincing people who are not especially intellectually engaged and who are led by their emotions more than by their intellect – which is to say, most people – that the people pushing ideas contrary to yours are racists and anti-Semites, that they hate women and homosexuals and Muslims and foreigners, that they could not possibly be correct on the policy questions, because they are moral monsters.”

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