EGO FOOTPRINT: To get to a climate speech, Obama flies in a fuel-guzzling private jet, then motorcades with 14 vehicles
05/13/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
EGO FOOTPRINT: To get to a climate speech, Obama flies in a fuel-guzzling private jet, then motorcades with 14 vehicles

It’s amazing how even though Barack Obama is no longer the president of the United States, he still finds ways to remind us of just how self-inflated and egotistical he is. Obama lived like a king throughout his entire presidency, and even though he’s been officially out of the Oval Office for nearly four months now, he is still refusing to give up the crown.

Earlier this month, Barack Obama gave a speech on climate change at the Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy. While the speech itself was naturally riddled with lies, propaganda and scare tactics, the real crime was the way in which Obama traveled to Italy. You see, normal transportation is not good enough for the former president; to him, that’s reserved for the lesser folk. Instead, Obama preferred a fuel-guzzling private jet to get to Europe, followed by a 14 car convoy escorted by 300 police officers and a helicopter, all so that he could deliver his Alinsky-style speech on climate change. As seen in this video, the convoy consisted of multiple SUVs, police cars, sedans and a few motorcycles.

The irony of this situation is almost overwhelming. How much carbon dioxide did Obama’s private jet throw into the atmosphere while on his way to lecture the rest of us on the dangers of carbon dioxide? How much pollution was emitted from the 14 cars and the helicopter that were used to escort Obama to a speech on the dangers of pollution? You just can’t make this stuff up.

But Barack Obama’s method of transportation wasn’t the only hypocrisy on display at the Milan summit. At one point during his speech, the former president took a moment to warn people about the dangers of eating meat, which according to him is causing a dramatic rise in climate emissions. As reported by Breitbart News, Obama said, “As people want to increase meat consumption, that in turn is spiking the growth of greenhouse emissions coming out of the agricultural sector.” He went on to say, “People aren’t as familiar with the impact of cows and methane,” meaning that the methane gas produced by large herds of cattle is having an increased effect on global pollution.


The man of “hope and change” argued that while an increase in meat consumption is inevitable over the coming years, there are still steps that can be taken to decrease the amount of methane being sent into the atmosphere. For example, Obama said that more advanced countries could teach their people to “have a smaller steak” and minimize their overall meat consumption.

True to form, Barack Obama has once again suggested that more government and an expansion of the nanny state is the solution to all of our problems. But even more than that, there is something incredibly hypocritical about Obama lecturing us on how much meat we can consume. How many times has Barack Obama been seen in public eating a big fat juicy burger or a thick steak with a side of fries? How many steaks were cooked up for him during Obama’s time in the White House? According to Sam Kass, Barack Obama’s former chef, the answer is “thousands of steaks.”

Kass was with Barack Obama for part of his speech in Milan, and hilariously, the two of them got into a mini argument at one point over just how many steaks Chef Kass had cooked over the course of Obama’s two terms. “I don’t think thousands,” Obama said in response to his former chef. “Well hundreds maybe,” Kass replied. “I’ve been cooking for you for ten years.”

So Barack Obama lectures us on the dangers of carbon dioxide while throwing several tons of the pollutant into the atmosphere just hours prior. Then he tells us to eat less steak, even though he himself has eaten hundreds or even thousands over the past ten years. It must be nice to be king.


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