Protect your property with these three non-lethal booby traps
06/03/2017 / By Lance D Johnson / Comments
Protect your property with these three non-lethal booby traps

When someone breaks into your home, steals your belongings, kidnaps a family member or threatens your life, your view of the world changes. Your situational awareness heightens and you are no longer afraid to confront the reality of evil in this world.

Living in a rural area has its advantages, but you’re on your own when it comes to protecting your property. A 9-1-1 call won’t automatically save you from intruders, thieves and killers. It can take police several minutes or longer to respond. Getting a dog is a good idea, but a dog’s bark can be taken for granted. Intruders can easily quiet a dog, too. Strategic firearm placement throughout the home gives you opportunities to take back control in a life or death situation. However, getting to one of your weapons is futile if the bandit catches you off guard. It doesn’t matter how many weapons you have, you can’t stay awake with guns drawn 24-7. Non-lethal booby traps can give you extra time to respond by alerting you before an intruder is banging down the back door. Simple traps and alarms can also deter intruders if you are not home.

Here are three non-lethal booby trap ideas that you can employ on your rural property.

Lighting up an intruder with a Cyalume trip flare

Motion detection security lights help deter intruders, but these are easy to navigate around because they are an expected light source. A brighter, hidden and unexpected security light will have a greater chance at deterring an intruder. The Cyalume trip flare can be strategically placed around the property to suddenly light an intruder up. These flares won’t start fires like standard military grade trip flares. These well-concealed traps are basically high-powered light sticks that are triggered by a trip wire. When an intruder trips the wire, a small hammer bends the light stick and activates it. This is no standard kid’s glow stick. This light stick puts off an ultra-high-intensity light for approximately five minutes. It will expose the intruder right where they are.


Keychain alarm wire traps

Noise alarms will likely deter an intruder. One of the most affordable and versatile alarms are keychain personal alarms. For less than $5 each, these concealable alarms put out 120 decibels of sound. These alarms are activated when a pin is pulled out of the alarm casing. They can easily be connected to tripwire and will sound off as soon as an intruder disconnects the pin from the casing.

Low wire entanglement technique

Intruders will think twice before advancing if they run into a web of low hanging fence wire. To set this trap up on your rural property, drive several stakes into the ground in a random pattern across a swath of land. Run a web of wire between the stakes. Place the stakes three to four feet apart and make sure to leave an inch or two of play in the wire. If an intruder comes through the area, they are sure to trip and make noise, especially if it’s dark out. This trap works best in tall foliage. If the intruder is persistent and goes forward, they will likely trip again. The intruder will feel attacked after the second trip and won’t want to make any more noise, so they likely won’t advance. String tin cans on the wire for added noise or use additional key chain alarms and Cyalume trip flares.

The most important thing to note about these traps is that they are non-lethal. You could face criminal charges for severely injuring or killing an intruder or innocent wanderer, so make sure that you know what you are doing when setting up any traps on your property. Military trip wire or fishing line is fair play. It’s best to keep it within six inches and one foot off the ground. When setting traps, think like the intruder. Get into their head and think of all the routes they may use to gain access to your property and belongings.

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