Hollywood celebrities just found out they have no real influence over the voters… and they’re steaming mad about it
06/24/2017 / By Robert Jonathan / Comments
Hollywood celebrities just found out they have no real influence over the voters… and they’re steaming mad about it

The runoff election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in suburban Atlanta was described as a national referendum on President Trump.

It may actually have turned out be a referendum on Hollywood, with the victory of Republican Karen Handel over Democrat Jon Ossoff on June 20 by about four percent. Handel will be sworn in on June 26 at which time she will become the first-ever congresswoman from Georgia.

Ossoff, a documentary filmmaker and congressional staffer, raked in millions of campaign donations from liberals in the entertainment industry and Silicon Valley but he still lost to the former Georgia secretary of state and chair of Fulton County Board of Commissioners in the most expensive House contest in history. Ossoff had “nine times as many donors from California than from Georgia,” PJ Media noted.

Ossoff even got slightly fewer votes than the virtually unknown, unfunded Democrat who challenged incumbent Dr. Tom Price, now Health and Human Services secretary, in November.

Hollywood was all-in for Ossoff with little to no effect, otherwise known as an epic fail. In fact, the celebrity intervention may have turned off potential Ossoff voters. According to the very liberal New Yorker magazine, “The G.O.P. high command depicted Ossoff as a puppet of Hollywood celebrities and Nancy Pelosi, who, according to the Journal-Constitution poll, has a ninety-one-per-cent disapproval rating among local Republicans.”

Stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Lange, Jane Fonda, John Leguizamo, Debra Messing, Sam Waterston, and Alyssa Milano — none of whom live in Georgia — were among Ossoff’s high-profile backers. Ossoff himself lived outside the district, which emerged as an issue in the campaign, so he was unable to cast a ballot in the election.


Breitbart News chronicled how unhinged celebrities had a collective meltdown on Twitter after the election was called for Handel. “Ossoff’s loss marked a stunning rejection of Hollywood by Georgia voters.”

To some degree, you can’t blame the celebs. To begin with, they aren’t that bright, and they may have believed the polls from the fake stream news media that Ossoff was winning because Trump is so unpopular.

As a digression, if you ever get down in the dumps for any reason, go over to YouTube and cue up one or more of the videos showing leftists becoming completely unglued as the 2016 presidential election results rolled in. A guaranteed spirit booster.

The GOP has now won all four special U.S. House elections (Kansas, Montana, Georgia, and South Carolina) after incumbents took jobs with the Trump administration. Whether this is a precursor to the 2018 midterms remains to be seen, since neither party in Congress is covering itself in glory, the Democrats with their Trump-hating obstructionism plus the Republicans’ timidity — or worse — when presented with the Trump America First economic agenda. (RELATED: Read more about the president’s agenda at Trump.news.)

Although slow to catch on, some non-delusional Democrats have finally acknowledged that banging on about Russia obsessively is not a way to win elections. In the immediate hand-wringing aftermath of the Ossoff fail, for example, U.S. Rep Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat who had unsuccessfully challenged Nancy Pelosi for the House leadership, described the Democrat brand as “toxic” and “worse than Trump,” the New York Times reported.

In the tweet below, Trump referred to this record of success as 5-0; he apparently is counting the two rounds of voting in Georgia as separate elections.

Kellyanne Conway, one of the president’s key advisers and former campaign manager, also chimed in.

Incidentally, the media dropped any talk of a Trump referendum as soon as Handel prevailed. Although GA06 is a historically Republican-leaning district, Trump squeaked by Hillary Clinton with less than two percent of the vote on Election Day 2016.








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