Flashback: BBC reports “mind control” telepathy was beamed to victims giving them severe headaches and a tendency to kill themselves
07/09/2017 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Flashback: BBC reports “mind control” telepathy was beamed to victims giving them severe headaches and a tendency to kill themselves

From the world of unexplained phenomena: Is it possible to almost supernaturally brainwash people to such an extent that they would actually consider – or even go through with – committing suicide against their will? A BBC report from 2013 suggests that this might be the case, pointing to a suspicious quad-suicide incident that occurred in Turkey back in 2006 and 2007.

All four of the victims were reportedly engineers who had worked for Turkish defense contractor Aselsan, one of the country’s leading military electronics companies. Because of the company’s high profile, and the nature of these victims’ jobs prior to their deaths, the bizarre incident sparked an investigation by the Turkish Prime Ministry Inspection Board, which ultimately ruled that the alleged suicides could have been the result of what they called “telekinesis.”

In a report presented to the Ankara Public Prosecutor, the Board claimed that the victims could have been steered towards committing suicide through a form of mind control that’s been the subject of research by neuropsychology expert Nevzat Tarhan. Since the deaths, which occurred almost back-to-back over the course of 14 months, were immediately ruled a suicide, the Board urged the prosecution to consider the possibility of foul play in the form of telekinesis.

According to that same report, which included a study by Tarhan, the mind control weaponry that may have been used could have caused the victims to suffer severe distress and headaches. Tarhan also cited the possibility that the victims may have suffered an overcharge of electromagnetics, indicating possible neglect. In either case, these factors may have driven the victims to take their own lives.


“All three engineers were working on a friend-or-foe recognition system for Turkish warplanes at the time of their suicides, which had been brought back to public debate during the Ergenekon coup trials,” reported Hurriyet Daily News.

Turkish journalist claimed telekinetic forces were trying to kill Prime Minister Erdoğan

Not long prior to this incident, a Turkish journalist by the name of Yiğit Bulut had warned that “certain powers” were allegedly trying to kill Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan using the same type of mind control. Just weeks after making this claim, Bulut was reportedly appointed to be Prime Minister Erdoğan’s chief consultant.

Regardless of whether or not either of these incidents were actually caused by telekinesis, the fact of the matter is that many corporations and nations are deliberately working on mind-influencing technology that could be labeled “techno-telekinesis.” There’s also evidence that such technology exists within the realm of social media, including at Facebook where engineers are developing a so-called “brain-computer interface” that would allow for users to communicate with the platform using only their thoughts.

This technology would also reportedly allow Mark Zuckerberg and his minions to intercept the flow of communication between Facebook users and the platform. Having the ability to monitor what Facebook users are thinking virtually around the clock would make it easy for the social media giant to, say, report whatever it deems as a “threat” to federal agencies like the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) or the NSA (National Security Agency).

The U.S. Department of Defense also announced nearly a decade ago that it had begun testing various mind control and telepathy weapons. A formerly classified document released through a U.S. Freedom of Information Act request revealed that the technology is capable of “beaming” words directly into people’s ears, for instance, or sending electromagnetic pulses to trigger epilepsy-like seizures.

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